The Best Time to Go to Cabo: Your Guide to Sun & Fun on the Baja Peninsula

The sun-soaked peninsula of Baja California Sur promises beautiful beaches, incredible sights, and must-have adventures. But for those obsessed with planning a trip during the perfect time of the year, it’s easy to get hung up on the little details, namely the best time to go to Cabo. The truth is that it all comes down to preferences. But between whale watching in winter, soaking in the sun in May, and sportfishing in the fall. it may seem hard to decide. Fear not—we’ve broken down all the best times to go to Cabo so you can plan a picture-perfection vacation during the best times of the year.  

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The Weather in Los Cabos

Cabo is known for warm temperatures, sunny blue skies, and a blessed lack of humidity. But while you won’t find any snow on the beach here, that doesn’t mean the weather in Cabo comes without seasonal variations. So let’s look at what the seasons bring to this iconic beach destination and which months offer the best time to go to Cabo.

December to April

Sunset over Cabo San Lucas in winter

The chilliest time of year in Cabo is still reasonably warm. Temperatures range from an average high of 81°F to an average low of 62°F. 

As you might guess, even the coldest temperatures in Cabo don’t turn this beach destination into a snowy winter wonderland. At most, you should only need a light jacket for the early mornings and late evenings for leisurely strolls along the beach or sunset cruises out on the water. 

During the day, it’s plenty warm enough to lay out under palm trees, though maybe not so warm as to go swimming, at least for some. Sea temperatures sit around 70°F, which makes for a pretty chilly dip under the waves. But for sitting out or going adventuring, the weather is perfect, with Cabo’s classic blue skies overhead. And with almost no rain in the winter, it’s the perfect time to get out and enjoy the best of what Cabo has to offer. 

Winter Is the Best Time to Go to Cabo for Whale Watching and the Outdoors

Winter is prime time for one of Cabo’s biggest draws: whales and whale sharks. While the season runs from October through March, the best time to go to Cabo for whale watching is January through March. Most companies offer tours in La Paz, two hours from Los Cabos and where most whales congregate for the season. Travelers can see these magnificent creatures up close on boat tours or freediving and snorkeling right in the water. 

The cooler temperatures also make winter a pleasant time for outdoor activities in Los Cabos, whether taking art walks in the city or hiking up the Pedregal.

May to June 

Aerial view of Cabo San Lucas

Spring in Cabo may be short, but it’s no less lovely for it. With daily temperatures in the mid to high 80s and warming water temperatures, you can enjoy more of Cabo on land and sea. And do it before the summer heat really kicks into gear. 

Evenings in spring start to warm up nicely, meaning that light jacket getting toted around during winter can be left at the hotel or home altogether. 

Visitors in spring can also kiss cloudy skies goodbye. On top of the pleasant temperatures, spring boasts the driest months and little to no rain or cloud coverage, leaving travelers with near-perpetual sunshine to soak up between beach sunbathing, desert camel rides, and more.

Spring Is the Best Time to Go to Cabo for Great Weather and Avoiding Crowds

Spring is often overlooked by vacationers considering the best time to go to Cabo. That may have something to do with it being smack dab between winter getaways and summer vacations. But, despite the lack of crowds, its charms are many, one such charm being the distinct lack of people. 

Considered Cabo’s shoulder season, May to June promises smaller crowds and even some great deals for travelers looking to experience Cabo without the throngs of people or sky-high prices. Add in the unbelievably gorgeous weather, and spring in Cabo is the perfect time for fun adventures under the Cabo sun.

July to September

Beach overlooking the Sea of Cortez

Summer coincides with the rainy season, August to September, and the height of the Cabo hurricane season, which runs from mid-May to November. Despite that, it’s not all storms and dreary days. Though hurricanes are more likely, they rarely make landfall in Los Cabos. Even during the rainy season, the amount of rain in Cabo is minimal, with September, the wettest month of the year, only seeing about 2.5 inches of rain. 

The heat is the most pressing worry for many visiting Cabo in the summer. August is the hottest month of the year, with highs over 90°F and lows nearing 80°F. Thanks to the rain, the air can also get a little muggy. But in true summer fashion, July through August present the best temperatures for enjoying Cabo’s beautiful, swimmable beaches.

Summer Is the Best Time to Go to Cabo for Surfing and Cheap Prices

The summer months may be rain and storms, but that doesn’t mean they must be avoided altogether. Though the hurricane season does pose some risks, if you prepare correctly, summer can be the best time for some to go to Cabo. 

Surfers can ride the summer swells found off the beaches hugging both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. Meanwhile, budget travelers can enjoy low prices at hotels and great deals on exciting excursions, thanks to off-season pricing.

October to November

Boats near the famous El Arco landmark in Cabo San Lucas

Fall in Cabo is another short seasonal period that only lasts two months. It also finishes out the hurricane season in Cabo, though vacationers planning a trip for fall can rest easy knowing that a hurricane has never hit Cabo in November. 

Fall still sees somewhat muggy days as summer temperatures and rainfall are just starting to taper off. But moving from October into November promises cooler days and more sunshine as the last of summer is shaken off right before peak season begins with the arrival of winter and the holidays.

Fall Is the Best Time to Go to Cabo for Diving and Fishing

While the weather can be hit or miss, the fall is still considered by many to be the best time to go to Cabo. Specifically, those travelers who love water sports and fun sea adventures will get a kick out of visits planned in October and November thanks to the warm temperatures and teeming waters. 

Sportfishing in Cabo is excellent year-round, but the fall brings some major competitions and big cash prizes to Cabo’s sandy shores. And for those interested in taking a warm water dive below the surface, fall is the best time to go to Cabo. Incredible visibility allows scuba divers to see as far as 100 feet on some days, which means divers, snorkelers, and even underwater photographers are in for a magical time.

A Quick FAQ on the Best Time to Go to Cabo

Sunny view of the beach from the ocean

Still questioning what’s the best time for you to go to Cabo? Here’s a quick breakdown of the best and worst times to go to Cabo, keeping in mind that even the worst time offers some significant perks. 

What Are the Best and Worst Months to Go to Cabo?

The best month to go to Cabo varies depending on if you want the best weather (May-June), the most adventures (January-March), or the best prices and fewest crowds (August-September). However, September also takes the crown for the worst month to go to Cabo because of rainy days and hurricanes. 

In all, there really isn’t a bad time to visit Cabo, as the destination offers up plenty of reasons to visit year-round. The warm spring weather, sunny skies, and lack of peak season crowds make May and June an idyllic destination for a non-crowded getaway. Winter also serves as a prime time to visit, thanks to the cooler temperatures and broad range of activities on and off the water. 

Even September has its charms. Despite the threat of inclement weather, September boasts great deals, amazingly low prices, and, on the whole, very little rain. So even the worst time to go to Cabo will inevitably be the best time for some to visit this classic beach destination.

What Is the Rainy Season in Cabo?

The rainy season in Cabo coincides with summer, but it won’t put much of a dent in your summer plans. September is the wettest month of the year and often sees less than three inches of rain. So what that means is that you’re unlikely to get rained out of any fun vacation plans!

What Time of Year is Cheapest to Go to Cabo?

Empty beach during summer in Cabo, the best time to go for cheap prices

The cheapest time of year to go to Cabo falls in the late summer months, at the height of the rainy season and hurricane season. August and September are perfect for travelers planning budget trips to Cabo, thanks to incredible deals on excursions and low hotel prices. 

While the weather is something travelers in the summer do have to contend with, it’s by no means something to be avoided. Even amid the rainy season, very little rain actually falls in Cabo, and hurricanes are rare. But for those worried about weather forecasts canceling their plans during this time of year, purchasing travel insurance can help give some peace of mind.

What Is Peak Season in Cabo?

It’s no surprise that with such phenomenal weather during the holidays, December to April is the peak season for Cabo. Families flock to Los Cabos during winter to escape the cold, while spring breakers come in March and April to take advantage of the holiday break.

Winter is also the whale-watching season in Cabo, and many come for the magical experience of seeing these majestic creatures up close. In addition, the weather is perfect for all outdoor activities, whether sunning on the beach, hiking the mountains, or even parasailing over the water.

Can’t-Miss Annual Events in Cabo San Lucas

Ready to plan your trip to Cabo yet? If you still haven’t decided on the best time to go to Cabo, these fun events and festivals may be just the ticket to have you booking yours to Cabo San Lucas!

San José Jazz Weekend Festival 

Colorful street in San Jose Del Cabo

In May, jazz lovers converge in San Jose del Cabo at the Plaza del Pescador to enjoy the smooth, soulful sounds of jazz music played by a mix of local, national, and international musicians. On top of watching the performers play, the location allows attendees to drift between colorful shops and enjoy delicious bites, all while serenaded by the lively tunes. 

Los Cabos Open of Surf 

Summer comes alive in June with Mexico’s largest surf competition and festival in Mexico. Located in a famous surf spot, Zippers, the event pairs surf, music, fashion, and food into an incredible weekend-long event unlike any other in Mexico. 

Los Cabos ATP Tennis Open 

Held annually in August, the Los Cabos Open invites top tennis players and avid fans to enjoy this six-day tournament representing the biggest tennis event in Latin America. With fun, food, and thrilling matches, it’s a must-see event and an exciting reason to find yourself in Cabo in August.

Bisbee’s Black and Blue 

Boats in the waters of Cabo San Lucas in fall, the best time to go fishing

Considered the richest fishing tournament in the world, Bisbee’s Black and Blue promises a gorgeous golden suntan and an irresistible opportunity to walk away with a hefty cash prize. Participants need only a boat and the entry fee to participate in this singular event held every year near the end of October.

Los Cabos Film Festival 

With a mix of Mexican and international films, the Los Cabos Film Festival caters to movie buffs and foreign film connoisseurs who appreciate beauty in all languages. Held toward the end of November and beginning of December, visitors can soak up the sun among A-list movie stars while attending fascinating workshops and fun panels.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks on Medano Beach 

Ring in the New Year with a gorgeous fireworks display over Cabo’s most popular beach. After a day of sunshine, it’s the perfect place to settle under the stars and watch the night get lit ablaze with a spectacular show.

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Quiet morning shot of the marina in Cabo San Lucas

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