The 10 Best Cabo Beaches for Sun and Sand

Cabo beaches are known for their golden sands, rough seas, and gorgeous views. But if you dig your toes into the sands of Los Cabos, you’ll find a plethora of incredible beaches, each with its own unique beauty and charms to sweep you off your feet and straight into paradise. Whether you’re looking for the best beaches in Cabo San Lucas and beyond—or just the swimmable ones—these are ten beautiful Los Cabos beaches you can’t afford to miss. So, prepare to fill your itinerary with sun and sand on your next trip to Cabo!

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Does Los Cabos Have Good Beaches?

Los Cabos has excellent beaches! Whether you’re in the mood to sunbathe under sunny skies, surf some waves out on the water, or cool off from the heat with a refreshing dip, Cabo has the beaches for you. 

Of course, not all Cabo beaches are created equal. Between choice surf, sunny stretches of sand, and enviable underwater views, it’s best to have your ideal beach day in mind to help you find the perfect shore!

Are the Beaches in Cabo Swimmable?

So, can you swim in Cabo San Lucas? It’s a good question to ask if you’re particularly swim-obsessed. But while Cabo doesn’t sport the calm, Caribbean shores of other popular vacation destinations like Tulum, there are still many swimmable beaches in Cabo to dip your toes in, including Medano Beach, Lovers Beach, and Chileno Beach. 

The most important thing to remember at Los Cabo beaches is to respect the beach flags. Green flags indicate the waters are safe to swim, while red or black flags signal unsafe conditions. If you see a black flag on the beach, keep your feet firmly planted on the shore and do not enter the water under any circumstances. But if the flags are green, consider it the all-clear to dive headfirst into Cabo’s stunning waters.

The Best Beaches in Los Cabos

The glittering, sunny shores of Los Cabos await. From the tip of Land’s End and stretching to the coasts of San Jose Del Cabo, here are the ten best beaches in Cabo San Lucas and beyond.

1. El Medano Beach

Aerial shot of Medano Beach and Land's End in Cabo San Lucas

Swimmable beaches in Cabo begin and end with the two miles of golden sand and tranquil turquoise waters known as Playa el Medano.

Paired with breathtaking views of El Arco just offshore and easy access to downtown, it’s little surprise that Medano Beach is considered one of the best beaches in Cabo San Lucas. And everyone wants a piece of the action. Luxury resorts back the beach while bars and rental shacks dot the shore, offering all-day happy hours and fun adventures like parasailing, boogie boarding, and more. 

Though the shores can get crowded at times, there’s no question that Playa el Medano is an all-around people-pleaser that all but guarantees a perfect beach day for everyone.

2. Chileno Beach

Steps and sand leading to Chileno Beach in Los Cabos

Chileno Beach shares many of Playa el Medano’s best features: beautiful golden sands, stunning sea views, and calm waters. And what it lacks makes visitors love it even more—you won’t find any noisy bars or restaurants here, which makes this smaller shore feel infinitely less crowded.

While a beach day at Chileno means preparing and packing everything you’ll need in advance, the tradeoff for visitors makes it more than worth it. Undisturbed beach days abound on the shore, while the tequila-clear waters unveil a vibrant world of colorful fish and sea life beneath the waves. If you visit during whale season, keep your ears perked while underwater. You might hear the haunting melody of a whalesong drifting along with the current.

3. Santa Maria Beach

Snorkeling tour Boats in the bay of Santa Maria Beach

A stone’s throw from Chileno Beach lies another glittering paradise along the Tourist Corridor, Santa Maria Beach. Two towering rocks stand sentinel on either side of this natural cove, sheltering it from the hard surf and winds to keep the waters here serene and swimmable.

On top of being one of the best swimmable beaches in Cabo San Lucas, Santa Maria Beach is a protected marine sanctuary. Visitors who head here early in the morning can grab the best peek at the colorful marine life just below the water’s surface. 

Arriving early comes with another perk: getting the first choice of prime real estate on the shore. Though, to be fair, on this horseshoe arch bay, it’s hard to argue there’s a bad spot in sight on land or in the sea.

4. Lovers Beach

Lovers Beach, Los Cabos

Lovers Beach isn’t exactly easy to get to, but the extra hassle of booking a boat out is worth it to step foot on this secluded stretch of sand. Nestled between Mount Solmar and El Arco, Lovers Beach (Playa de los Amantes), is a divine little stretch of sand and tranquil turquoise waters on Land’s End. Instead of being backed by busy bars or shops, Lovers Beach sports majestic rock formations that tower over the sand and lend a Mars-like atmosphere to the barren landscape.

With no amenities in sight, this is the perfect spot to plan a quiet family beach day or a romantic escape with your partner. Calm waters make it one of the best swimmable beaches in Cabo, while the picturesque setting lends an enchanting quality to every beachside stroll.

5. Playa Costa Azul

Playa Hotelera in San Jose del Cabo

A jack-of-all-trades in beach form, Playa Costa Azul is a haven for surfers, foodies, and general beach lovers everywhere. In the summer, the beach is a signature surf destination. Multiple breaks draw in beginners and experienced surfers alike, but Zippers is the place to be for many. On top of choice waves, the break hosts the Los Cabos Open of Surf in June, an annual event that pairs stunning surf feats with a fun music festival.

Meanwhile, for those whose taste buds lead the way, visitors will find an eclectic mix of vendors along the shoreline offering food and drinks from around the world. Chow down on tacos or kick back with a beer while soaking up the sun and stunning views.

Though the rough waves mean Costa Azul Beach is not the place to swim in summer, the water calms in winter for visitors looking to swim or snorkel. And the long, sandy beach makes it a great spot for a beach walk any day of the year. 

6. Divorce Beach

Divorce Beach across from Lovers Beach

On the Pacific side of Land’s End, across the way from Lovers Beach, lies its direct opposite: Divorce Beach. In contrast to the calm waves and tranquil scenery found on Lovers Beach, Playa del Divorcio sports rough surf and crashing waves that make the name rather apt. Thanks to the rocky waves, Divorce Beach isn’t safe for swimming. Still, plenty of other fun seaside activities keep visitors busy.

Despite the name, Divorce Beach is the quintessential romantic spot. The same rock formations that dot Playa de los Amantes also lend a scenic view to Divorce Beach and, along with the sandy seaside, create a picturesque shoreline perfect for morning strolls and afternoon beach lounging.

7. The Cannery Beaches

Aerial shot of the Cannery Beaches—Playa Empacadora, Playa Coral Negro, and El Balconcito—in Cabo San Lucas

If you love everything about Medano Beach except for the vendors and touristy crowds, this is the beach for you. Or beaches. Known by many names, the most common names for the Cannery Beaches are Playa Empacadora, Playa Coral Negro, and El Balconcito. Located in the heart of downtown, they’re some of the best beaches in Cabo San Lucas.

But visitors might have to do some venturing to find them because, despite their location near the bustling Marina, the Cannery Beaches manage to fly under the radar. However, those who take the time to discover these beaches will find a pretty pocket of golden sand that slopes into calm and shallow waters. The lack of waves calls to families with small children, while the colorful tropical fish make it a fascinating site for snorkelers and divers. 

Add in a gorgeous art wall made from the old cannery factory behind the beach and beautiful views out over the water, and once you settle in, you’ll never want to leave.

Though Playa Empacadora and Playa Coral Negro are side by side, El Balconcito sits behind a rugged cliff, making it only accessible by boat. But the additional work to get here is worth it, especially if you arrive early enough when you can score your own private little beach to yourself.

8. Cerritos Beach

Cerritos Beach surf spot in Baja California Sur

Because most Pacific side shores are too rough for much swimming or playing, it’s rare to find a west coast beach that offers more than just a nice view. But Cerritos Beach manages to stand out among the many beaches on the Pacific Coast of Cabo San Lucas. With manageable, consistent surf, it’s a popular spot for beginner and advanced surfers year-round. Visitors can kayak or paddleboard out on the water and, when the surf is milder, even go swimming.

Despite the hotels and bars backing the beach, this sandy strip of shore maintains a laid-back atmosphere. It’s a great spot along the way to Todos Santos to take surf lessons, try out other water sports, or enjoy a refreshing drink while watching others take to the waves.

9. Tequila Cove (Playa El Bledito)

Palm trees and beach chairs on Tequila Cove beach
Credit: Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort

Located along the Tourist Corridor, a man-made breakwater makes Tequila Cove, or Playa El Bledito, one of the best swimmable beaches in Cabo. So, unsurprisingly, you’ll find it backed by two of the best swimmable beach resorts in Cabo: Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort and Paradisus Los Cabos. Though the beach is a little slice of paradise on its own, if you want to up the luxury factor, the Hilton offers a day pass to its Enclave Beach Club, featuring a beautiful boardwalk, waterfront bar, and cozy bungalows that make soaking in the sun and views of the Sea of Cortez all the sweeter.

But make no mistake, even without the amenities, Tequila Cove is plenty blissful. The beach’s open space feels like it goes on for days. Go for a horseback ride along the long coastline or take a dip in the warm waters of the sea. Whether you want to unwind or dive into the waters, Tequila Cove is an enchanting spot to soak in the beauty of Cabo. 

10. Playa Hotelera

Sunset on Playa Hotelera

This mile-long beach gets its name from the various resorts backing the shore, including the Royal Solaris Los Cabos and the Posada Real Los Cabos. Though the rough waves mean this isn’t one of Cabo’s swimmable beaches, it’s perfect for just about everything else. 

Public palapas dot the shoreline on the beach’s south side, allowing beachgoers to grab some shade and admire the crashing waves. Surf fishing and beach volleyball are popular shore activities, alongside horseback rides. But, by far, the best way to spend your time on Playa Hotelera is by walking from end to end, taking in the quiet and idyllic views from the shore.

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