All too often, the only regret people have at the end of their lives is that they wished they’d traveled more while they still had the chance.

But planning a trip takes a lot of time and effort.

Especially if you’re trying to find super cheap flights.

You can waste endless hours searching through hundreds of travel websites and signing up for countless frequent-flyer programs.

This is because airlines deliberately make the cheapest flights really hard to find, and they’re usually snapped up very quickly.

So, no matter how hard you search, you’ll never be able to find the absolute cheapest flights available.

We believe this simply isn’t fair for travelers.

Everyone should have access to the world’s cheapest flights.

PlaneThat’s why we started Next Vacay®.

How Does Next Vacay® Work?

We’ve developed a system that constantly scans thousands of databases for the cheapest possible flights to the destinations you love.

1. Database Scan

You tell us the name of your closest airport.

2. Cheapest Deals

Our system scans thousands of databases for the cheapest flight deals to the destinations you love.

3. Direct Booking

When the system finds a deal, our deal team verifies it, and you receive an email instantly. You book directly with the airline — no ‘middleman’ or agent is involved.

Here are some of the flights
our members recently claimed



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Shirali N.

“Before Next Vacay, we would visit places only when we could afford the tickets. But now deals come to us and we’re able to travel so much more.”

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Alec B.

“I’m blown away by the deals I hear about through Next Vacay. My wife and I get to travel twice as much because of our savings.”

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Rathna B.

“Next Vacay sends us crazy deals to places that are on our bucket list. I love that they only send us deals from reputable airlines. We just booked a flight to Shanghai for $570! That price was just too good to pass up.”

Review Image
Nicky E.

“Whoa! I just booked a $580 flight to Australia. I’m so excited and can’t believe that my first Next Vacay deal was this amazing!”

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Candice L.

“Wow! The deal Next Vacay sent me was just amazing. I can’t believe I can go to London for Christmas for $560! This is a no brainer.”

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Heather D.

“I can’t believe the Next Vacay deals I get. I’m able to save thousands and go on more vacations thanks to this service.”

The cheapest flights in the world,
delivered on autopilot

You don’t need to save a ton of money for travel when you have the cheapest flights in the world emailed directly to your inbox. Start crossing countries off your bucket list today.

For a limited time, we’re offering our Next Vacay® Membership
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(After 30 days, we charge $25/year)

What you get

  • Instant access to Next Vacay® system
  • Unlimited flight notification alerts
  • 6-month money-back guarantee, no questions asked
  • 1st month completely FREE. We will only charge in the 2nd month.

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Money Back Guaranteed

6-Month Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t fall in love with Next Vacay®, whatever the reason, we will simply refund your money, no questions asked.

need help subscribing or have questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about our service, please contact us.

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Are all deals international?

Most of our deals focus on international destinations, but we do offer popular domestic destinations like Hawaii for the US. We take seasonality into account for domestic deals. For example, during ski season we look for deals to the mountains in the Northeast US.

Is it a monthly or annual fee?

It’s an annual fee.

If I get a deal, can I bring different people with me?

Yes, you are not restricted by how many people fly with you on our deals. Since you are booking directly with the airline, book for as many people as you’d like!

I selected (specific state / city) as my home city. Will I receive only deals for flights from one city, or will I also receive deals from nearby cities / airports?

You will get flight deals out of your home airport and all airports within a 3-hour drive of your “home airport”. Upon request, we can add airports that are further away if you are willing to drive or fly to them.

Do you send business class deals?

Most deals we send are economy, but we also share great business class deals that we find.

How does this booking process work if I find an exciting deal from you?

We send you a deal that we find with some example dates where we found validity/availability, and you book it directly with the airline if it works for you. We provide detailed instructions in our deal emails.

Do you send deals only for low-cost airlines?

Most deals use major airlines that offer one free checked bag. Low-cost airlines charge for a checked bag, so we take extra fees into account before deciding whether a deal is good or not.

Since every deal is hand-verified, we do not send deals on airlines or via connections that we personally would not fly on/connect through. For example, we closely monitored the 2017 Qatar airspace blockade and did not send deals through Qatar because we believed there was a chance that you could get stranded there due to that event.

How do I manage my account?

You can make changes to your Next Vacay preferences by using the Login link in the footer below. If you need to make additional changes not shown in your member account, reach out to, and our Customer Service team will be happy to help you out!

Do you send cruise deals, hotel deals, or all-inclusive deals?

No. For most people, the challenge with travel is getting an affordable flight.

If a flight to Paris is normally $1500 per person, but we can get you there for $400 per person, then you will have a lot more cash available to use on your hotel(s) and meals. That’s why we focus only on flights.

Can I pick a specific destination and date to travel?

We’re not taking requests for specific dates or destinations at the moment. Right now, our service works best for those who are flexible on where and when they travel, as we can’t guarantee deals for pre-made plans, but we’ll keep you updated and send you a flight deal alert on all the best deals we find available from your airports!

Is this a subscription? Does it renew?

Your subscription is set to auto-renew every year, but you can turn this off by logging into your member portal or reaching out to us.

I’ve misplaced my booking info, can you send that for me?

No. As you book our flight deals directly through the airlines, we have no way of locating your booking info on our end. We recommend contacting the airline you booked the deal through or searching your email to find that info.

How can I trust that the deals you send are legitimate?

You book directly with the airline. We are not part of the ticketing process at all. Since we are member-supported, we make no commission on deals or flights you take. We hope you travel more through our deals but we make no commission or receive any incentives from the airlines if you do book a flight.

Do you take any commission from the airline or booking company for sending these deals?

No. Because we are member-supported, we make no commission on deals or flights you take. This also removes any bias we have about deals.

Do you send last-minute deals?

Most people need to coordinate their vacation with their boss and travel buddy. That’s why we don’t send last-minute deals. We usually send deals that are 1-6 months out.

Can I change my airport?

Yes, you can change your home airport as well as adjust your surrounding airport settings via your member portal, or you can reach out to us as we’d be happy to do it for you.

How frequently will I get the deals in my inbox?

You will likely get deals from us 2-3 times a week for trips you can plan to take in about a month from now or further out.

Again, it’s really important to understand that we will be sending you deals only to really interesting places and only when we think the deal makes sense.

When I book my flight, can I pay with miles/points/redeem travel credit?

Yes, you book directly with the airline. That means if you have any airline’s points, miles, certificates, or other credits, you can use them with that airline.

If you have a travel credit on your credit card, that should work too because you are booking directly with the airline. We only tell you when we find a deal and the details around the deal. You book your tickets, not through us or any link we send you.

Will I earn miles/points for rewards & airline status?

Yes, since these are paid fares, you should earn miles/points for future free travel or airline loyalty status. However, if you pay for your ticket using points or miles, rewards/loyalty earnings may be affected. You’ll also earn points or miles when you use a travel rewards credit card to purchase your tickets.

Can I search your site for cheap flight deals?

We don’t have anywhere to search our site for deals as our hunters do all the searching for you and then send the cheap flight deals directly to your inbox, so you don’t miss any chances to fly!

Will I be charged right away for the flight alerts?

Nope! We require a card on file to sign up, but your card won’t be charged until the end of your 30-day free trial.

Do you send deals on flights with a lot of layovers?

Most of our airfare deals are non-stop or 1-stop. If a layover is required, we look for short layovers and in hub airports in good locations only.