Our mission is to create better global citizens by helping them experience cultures and people different from their own.

Next Vacay is a travel company that sends flight deal alerts to its members, making the dream of travel a reality. By searching the internet for the best flight prices out there and alerting members to these deals, we help hundreds of thousands of people take trips they never dreamed were possible.

How Does Next Vacay Work?

We’ve developed a system that constantly scans thousands of databases for the cheapest possible flights to the destinations you love.

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1. Database Scan

You tell us the name of your closest airport.

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2. Cheapest Deals

Our system scans thousands of databases for the cheapest flight deals to the destinations you love.

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3. Direct Booking

When the system finds a deal, our deal team verifies it, and you receive an email instantly. You book directly with the airline — no ‘middleman’ or agent is involved.

To read more about us, please visit our team page.


Founded by Naveen and Shaylee Dittakavi
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To create better global citizens by helping them experience cultures and people different from their own.

Personal Mission

Next Vacay also has a very personal mission, created when founders Naveen and Shaylee lost their firstborn Sonum at 39 weeks, 6 days. Through profits that Next Vacay earns, we want to touch the lives of other parents and families who have experienced the loss of a stillborn child through sponsorship of research projects, donation of Cuddle Cots to hospitals around the globe, and provision of grief counseling to aid in the path to healing. Please read more about Sonum’s project here.

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“I started this business because I wanted to help people travel more. Because I know that leaving my own country is the fastest way to grasp that not everyone is as fortunate as I am and that the way of life I know is not the only way to live. Personally, travel resets me. When I visit developing countries, I get more of a sense of what happiness means to others and myself. I see how people make life work. I see that luck and being born to parents of a certain background from India gave me privileges that so few have. When I visit developed countries around Europe, I see how they view work, life, family, and how they make time for friends and family instead of just grinding it out. I see that they raise families with far less square footage and consume much less. I see how they pay for quality over disposability. These experiences that I gained through filling my passport have completely led me to my philosophy on business and life.”

Naveen Dittakavi