Soar Into Adventure: The High-Flying Thrill of Cabo San Lucas Parasailing

What’s some fun in the sun without a bit of excitement? While visitors can’t deny that the draw of Cabo San Lucas lies in its beaches, it’s a land of adventure through and through, from desert sand to azure waters and clear skies. And while you can camel-ride in the desert and surf the waves, one of the best ways to take it all in is from a bird’s eye view, which leads to the high-flying thrill of parasailing the skies of Cabo San Lucas. 

If you’re ready to soar into an adventure you won’t soon forget, here’s everything you need to know about parasailing in Cabo San Lucas.

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Can You Go Parasailing in Cabo?

Yes, one hundred percent, you can go parasailing in Cabo. Along with the adrenaline rush of flying through the sky, parasailers in Cabo are treated to unmatched views. In truth, you haven’t seen Cabo until you’ve seen it from above. One of the best ways to admire the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Cortez, and the golden coasts of Cabo San Lucas is from the sky. 

Alongside whale-watching and shark diving, parasailing is one of Cabo’s most epic adventures and a perfect way to round out a 360-degree experience of Cabo’s sand, sea, and sky.

What Does a Typical Cabo San Lucas Parasailing Excursion Look Like?

Parasailing in Cabo San Lucas is a fun excursion that draws its fair share of attention. The colorful canopies dotting the blue skies are hard to miss, after all. So, what do you have to do to be someone surfing the sky instead of watching it? Here’s what your magical journey will look like from start to finish, plus some tips on what not to forget among your parasailing packing list.

Do You Take Off from a Boat or the Beach?

By definition, parasailing involves being tethered to a motorboat as it flies over the water. As you can imagine, this doesn’t leave much room for beach takeoffs. Instead, your Cabo parasailing adventure will likely begin at the dock, where you’ll board your boat with around ten to twelve other passengers and head out into Cabo San Lucas Bay. Once you clear the port, the bay opens up before you, and the boat is off. Before you know it, you’re flying, and your Cabo parasailing ride is just beginning. 

Though soaring through the skies is undoubtedly the highlight, it’s worth drinking in the views of the bay from sea level. Cabo San Lucas doesn’t disappoint from any angle. While others enjoy the view from above, you can appreciate the splendor unfolding at eye level, from glittering and gleaming Medano Beach to breathtaking Land’s End and close-up views of El Arco. 

Do You Need to Prep for Parasailing in Cabo?

Parasailing is so easy a baby could do it, although it’s not recommended they do. The beauty of parasailing in Cabo San Lucas, or anywhere in the world for that matter, is you don’t need to know anything about it beforehand. You can simply hop on a boat and take to the skies. 

Okay, so the entire parasailing process isn’t really that simple, but it is that easy. All you need to be able to do is walk on the boat and sit.

Once on the boat, your amazing Cabo parasailing tour crew will take it from there, walking you through how it all goes down, helping get you situated in your harness, and taking care of the little details. So, you can let your thoughts drift away with the clouds and just enjoy the feeling of soaring through the skies on your parasailing flight. 

How Long Does Parasailing Last?

Unlike your memories, which will last forever, your parasailing flight will be much shorter. In fact, it’ll be over far too soon. While your time on the water generally lasts an hour to an hour and a half, your parasailing flight time is just ten minutes from takeoff to touchdown.

But what a blissful ten minutes it is! While many first-timers expect a bumpy and stomach-dropping ride akin to the kind you get on a rollercoaster, parasailing is much more of a gradual feeling. You practically coast into the sky, like riding a gentle breeze, before you even out 300-600 feet in the air. From there, the Cabo San Lucas Bay opens up, offering a perfect panorama of what you’ve been missing down on the boat so far. 

A bird’s eye view of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez reveals Cabo San Lucas in all its glittering glory. Medano Beach appears as a slip of sand along the coast, and even Land’s End looks smaller, though its impressive stature still looms large in the distance.

Time in the air may be brief, but even as you touch back to earth on the boat deck, you’ll undoubtedly be reliving every magical moment.

What Do You Wear Parasailing in Cabo San Lucas?

Your clothing options are almost entirely up to you. You could take to the skies in a ballgown if that’s what you prefer! But it might be a bit impractical.

Your everyday tropical attire will be perfect for your Cabo parasailing adventure. Since you take off and touch down on the boat, you don’t even have to worry about getting wet. Of course, if you want to get wet, you can ask your crew for a fun toe-dip at the end of your parasailing flight. In that case, we’d recommend opting for a swimsuit instead. That way, you can fully enjoy the seaspray without worrying about wet clothing. 

Additional Items to Take with You

Your Cabo parasailing tour will take care of providing you with a lifejacket. But as for additional items to bring, you’ll want a few essentials aside from the clothes on your back:

Thankfully, you can keep your pockets relatively light and focus on enjoying every second of your fantastic Cabo parasailing tour. Some tour companies even include pictures, so you don’t have to worry about taking your own. That said, if you want to capture every moment for yourself, you can bring your phone, but it’s a good idea to have some way of affixing it to your person. Because at 600 feet, once it’s gone, it’s very much gone

Is Cabo San Lucas Parasailing Safe?

Flying hundreds of feet in the air and over the water does hold some risk of injury. According to the Parasail Safety Council, however, it has an extremely low risk of fatality, less than .0001 percent. That puts you at less risk of dying from parasailing than choking on food or getting sunstroke

As per an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board, the most common factors involved in parasailing accidents are equipment failures and inclement weather. Unfortunately, neither the US nor Mexico has any regulation of parasail operators. As a result, there are no requirements for gear inspection or guidelines for suspending operations due to bad weather. 

However, this doesn’t mean you need to throw out your Cabo San Lucas parasailing plans entirely, just that you should proceed with some caution. Reconsider if the weather is poor or the boat equipment looks old. A winch is the only thing tethering you to the boat, so don’t go up if the rope seems frayed or weak.

But if the day bears bright skies, fair winds, and excellent boat conditions, don’t let a little fear keep you from one of the most amazing experiences Los Cabos offers!

How Much Does It Cost to Parasail in Cabo San Lucas?

Prices vary depending on whether you’re flying single or tandem. Generally, they average around $70 for a single flight and $125 for a double flight. In addition, most companies also offer triple flights, and while less common, they typically only cost around $50 more than the double flight.

What’s the Best Time of Day to Go Parasailing in Cabo? 

Thankfully, Cabo San Lucas weather is blessed year-round. Los Cabos might as well be synonymous with sunny days and blue skies, so you don’t have to worry much about bad weather ruining your parasailing excursion. Unless the wind gets too rowdy, of course. Over 15 mph winds is a good sign to pack it in and try for another day. But avoiding a bumpy ride or a canceled trip altogether could be as easy as going at the right time.

The best time to plan your parasailing adventure in Cabo is early morning or late afternoon. The waters are practically glass-like in the mornings, undisturbed by winds or other boats, making it the perfect time to surf the skies. But if you’re not an early-bird adventurer on vacation, the late afternoon/evening is another good option.

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