From Beach to Bar and Everywhere in Between: What to Wear to Cabo Any Day of the Year

It’s Los Cabos, and that means no matter where you find yourself, from the vibrant energy of Cabo San Lucas to the scenic views of the Tourist Corridor and the colorful culture of San Jose Del Cabo, you’ll want to dress the part. So between beachside attire, cute casual clothing, and fancy evening wear, you might be wondering how to dress in Cabo. Well, you can wonder no longer. We’ll take you through all your must-have packing items and what to wear in Cabo, from the beach to the bar and even a destination wedding. Here’s your what-to-wear guide for staying in sunny Cabo.

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What’s the Weather Like in Cabo?

Cabo is one of those destinations where you can plan a trip any time of the year and encounter fantastic weather. Baja California’s tropical desert climate lends itself to plenty of sunshine and very little rainfall. So say hello to sunny skies and highs of roughly 80-90°F throughout the year.

So if the weather is lovely year-round, when is the best time to go? Anyone you ask will likely give you the same answer, and that’s the months of May and June. Sitting on the cusp between the busy spring and stormy summer seasons, May and June manage to avoid both, promising minimal crowds and perfect beachy weather. For similar reasons, October and November also make for a good visit, as you avoid the worst of the Cabo, Mexico rainy season and the crowded winter holidays. 

How Should I Dress in Cabo San Lucas?

Embrace the beach life. Cabo’s laidback, casual dress code means you can wear pretty much anything and don’t have to dress up unless you want to. That said, there are some occasions you may want to get fancier for. So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about what to wear when you visit Cabo San Lucas and beyond.

What to Wear in Cabo During the Day

Most days in Cabo are spent in two places—okay, maybe three. The beach, the water, or the resort. And while those have their own dress codes—completely unofficial, by the way—you can keep your days cute but casual whether you’re staying in Cabo San Lucas or San Jose Del Cabo. That means simple dresses, rompers, or match sets for the ladies and shorts, tanks, or t-shirts for the men. Light fabrics like linen shirts or cotton shorts will help you handle the heat. Accessorize with sun hats or caps, sunglasses, and some comfy sandals, then voila! You’re all set to hit the breakfast bar or head to the beach, perfectly outfitted for a day out in Cabo. 

What to Wear in Cabo at Night

Nights in Los Cabos can go either way. You can keep up the laidback and chill vibes of daytime Cabo or dress it up for a romantic dinner with your partner or a fun evening out with your friends. 

For dinner out, think a cute maxi or sundress with heels and earrings, while pants and a cute top make for a perfect evening out on the town. Men can fall back on the trusty staple of a collared shirt and pants for any occasion. Most restaurants in Cabo don’t have a dress code, but for those that do require formal wear, this outfit combo will ensure you’re dressed for the occasion wherever you decide to go.

But Cabo isn’t just a picture-perfect setting for romantic evenings. Bright and buzzy Cabo San Lucas is the heart of nightlife in Los Cabos. And if you plan to dive headfirst into the bright colors and pulsing beats, just know bar hopping requires sensible shoes. So, ditch the heels for some comfy sandals and any cute clutches for an anti-theft purse.

What to Wear in Cabo at the Resort

Cabo is pretty much resort city, and that becomes clear the moment you see the amazing beachside resorts where you can spend your vacation. And if you happen to be staying in one of those resorts in Cabo, you can spend your days running around in stylish swimsuits and not much else. 

On the whole, most tourists and locals wear their swimwear everywhere, even going into town, so whether you’re at your resort or jaunting around Cabo San Lucas, you can wear whatever you want. A swimsuit and cover-up mean you’re all set for most places. Some resort restaurants will have a dress code, but most are generally laid back, especially during the day.

However, you’ll likely want to dress up at night, as resort evenings tend to feel like a fancy night out. With some restaurants requiring formal attire and some resorts hosting themed events, you’ll want to dress your best. That means dresses and heels for ladies and pants paired with a formal shirt for men.

What to Wear on the Beach in Cabo 

Probably a third, or more, of your days in Cabo will be spent beachside. And while some beach packing lists can grow a mile long—family beach days are no joke—thankfully, the list of what you’ll want to pack for Cabo is pretty simple. It goes like this: a swimsuit, beach cover-up, hat, sunglasses, towels, and sunscreen. 

While you’re chilling on the sun-soaked beaches of Cabo, a swimsuit or trunks will work just fine and allow you to dip in and out of Cabo’s swimmable beaches at will. However, if you need to leave the sunny shore of the beach to grab a snack, beach cover-ups are a simple and convenient piece of clothing you can throw on and slip off with ease. They also offer some sun protection, which you’ll need in sunny Cabo. Just don’t forget to pack your sunscreen too!

And while some travelers wear their daytime attire on the journey from their accommodations to the beach, it’s unnecessary. Cabo is so casual, you can wear your swimsuit and cover-up into town, and no one will blink an eye!

What to Wear to a Cabo Day Trip

The Baja California Peninsula isn’t only sunshine and beaches. Though the shoreline is, admittedly, a pretty alluring destination in and of itself, Cabo has so much more to offer. Fantastic sights and thrilling excursions turn this memorable beach getaway into an unforgettable adventure destination that means getting off the beach and into some fun.

From ziplining to camel rides, if you’re planning any day trips on land, you’ll likely want long pants or leggings and sturdy shoes that won’t fly off your feet while you’re off the ground. Similarly, if you want to go rock climbing or take off hiking in search of waterfalls, plan to pack a pair of hiking shoes or sneakers to handle the rougher terrain. 

Of course, your excursions are likely to find you out on the water too. But even though many companies offer gear where it’s needed, like life vests for parasailing and wet suits for shark diving, you’ll also want to pack a light jacket for when you’re sitting on the boat and it gets a bit windy out on the water.

What to Wear to Cabo in the Winter

The answer is the same as what you’d wear in the summer! With a daily average high of 80°F and low of 62°F, even the cool season doesn’t get that cool. So if you want to visit Cabo during the winter season, from December through March, there’s no need to worry. With temperatures that warm, you won’t need to pack heavier layers or worry about what to wear to Cabo in winter. No matter when you go, your packing list can remain virtually unchanged!

What to Wear to a Cabo Destination Wedding  

Destination weddings, here we come. It should come as no surprise that Cabo and beachfront weddings go hand in hand. With the stunning seascapes found in Cabo San Lucas and along the resort corridor, it’s not uncommon for guests to plan a Cabo vacation alongside their pre-planned destination wedding. And if that’s the case, you’ll want to make sure you dress the part for a beach wedding, which means packing more formal attire alongside your beachwear.

However, with that said, beach weddings are more of a casual affair, so you can pack less formal attire. A long, flowy dress paired with simple jewelry is perfect for a breezy beachside wedding, while men can don light-colored linen suits for a softer look. 

Whatever you do, ditch the heels for your Cabo wedding. Sand will ruin your footwear and have you twisting your ankle in a heartbeat! So trade the fancy heels for some fancy sandals and dance the night away celebrating the ones you love in Cabo.  

FAQs About What to Wear to Cabo

Got some burning questions about what you should wear in Cabo? If they weren’t answered above in our breakdown of day and nighttime wear, check out this quick and breezy FAQ section to ensure you’re all set to jet set to paradise.

Should I Bring Pants to Cabo?

Including a pair of long pants in your Cabo packing list won’t hurt. While shorts are often the preferred outfit for tourists in Cabo, you also can’t go wrong with a cute pair of pants in a match set or sleek trousers to wear to dinner.

That said, denim is rarely your friend when your destination is the tropics. Though Cabo is less humid than other tropical destinations, more breathable fabrics are often the better way to go for a fun and comfy outfit.

Do You Need a Jacket in Cabo?

You should definitely add a light jacket to your Cabo packing list. You’ll want something lightweight but comfortable for windy excursions like whale-watching and parasailing when you’re out on the water. Additionally, nights can get chilly, around 60°F, so you’ll want something to keep you warm on those colder nights.

What Must-Have Items Do I Need to Bring to Cabo?

Whether you want to pack light or enough to have options, you can’t forget these must-have items on your visit to Cabo. Here’s everything you’ll want to pack for Cabo, from the beach to your hotel room. 

  • Comfortable walking shoes (for exploring the city)
  • Flip flops (for the beach/resort pool)
  • Waterproof phone case
  • Reef-safe sunscreen
  • Swimwear (2-3 options)
  • Beach towel (quick-drying fabric)
  • Clothesline (for drying clothes on your balcony)
  • Swimsuit cover-up (1-2)
  • Beach bag
  • Dresses (1 per day)
  • Shorts (1-3 options)
  • Pants (1 pair)
  • Tanks/T-shirts
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat
  • Light jacket 

Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive. You’ll probably want to add some of your personal travel necessities that you take everywhere and maybe some additions like a few books or a swim rash guard for even more protection against the sun. 

If you’re worried about fitting everything in your carry-on luggage, which is what most recommend taking for a trip to Cabo, you can use packing cubes to keep everything neat and organized so you can fit a bit more in your suitcase. That said, if you’re flying with an airline like Southwest, which lets you fly with two free checked bags, you won’t have to give the amount you’re packing a second thought.

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