Is Comfort Plus Worth It on Delta? The Highs, Lows, & FAQs

Stretching out in the sky? That sounds like the kind of fantasy you dream about while sitting cramped in an Economy seat that’s never heard the term legroom before. But, if you’re flying Delta Air Lines, that pipe dream may not be so much a dream after all. If you want quick boarding, guaranteed space for your luggage, and most importantly, more legroom, it may be worth taking a look at Delta’s Comfort Plus seats.

But what exactly is Comfort Plus? Is it a regular Economy class fare with a pricier tag and nothing more? And is it worth spending your hard-earned money on an upgrade? Well, that final question is for you to decide, but we’re here to help you determine whether or not Comfort Plus is, in fact, worth upgrading on your next Delta flight.

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Is Delta Comfort Plus Worth It?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details of why, let’s go ahead and knock out your biggest, most burning question: is Delta Comfort Plus worth it? The short answer is yes. Delta does give its Comfort Plus seats enough perks to make it worth the added price, offering extra comfort, legroom, and ease of mind while traveling. 

Of course, for the frugal savers, you may find your money better spent on a regular economy ticket. On an hour and fifteen-minute domestic flight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, the extras may not play enough of a factor to justify spending more. 

But when you’re reclining an extra fifty perfect, stretching your legs out in Comfort Plus on a long overnight trip, we’re inclined to think you’ll appreciate the extra comfort.

What Is Delta Comfort Plus? 

Delta Air Lines offers six different fare types:

  • Basic Economy
  • Economy
  • Comfort Plus
  • First Class
  • Premium Select
  • Delta One®

Basic Economy, Economy, and Comfort Plus are all main cabin seats, while First Class, Premium Select, and Delta One® are premium cabin experiences. 

Don’t be fooled by Comfort Plus’s presence in the main cabin. While it isn’t by any stretch of the imagination a First Class experience, it’s far and above a regular main cabin seat. 

And for less than half the price of a first-class ticket, we can’t complain too much about what Comfort Plus doesn’t do.

Like an economy ticket, it covers the basics. Like a premium ticket, it comes with bonus add-ons to upgrade your in-flight experience and your overall travel experience.  

Comfort Plus exists as a happy medium between the two cabin experiences. So, if you want to treat yourself to comfort without breaking the bank, Comfort Plus is your saving grace.


Delta Comfort Plus fares are displayed between Main Cabin and First Class options. Image Credit: Delta Air Lines

Comfort Plus seats can be booked on the Delta website or the Fly Delta app, the same as any other fare type. You’ll find them sandwiched between Main and First Class (on domestic routes) or Main and Premium Select (on international flights). 

Another way to get a Comfort Plus seat on your Delta flight is by upgrading after purchase. 

Delta doesn’t allow upgrades on a Basic Economy fare, but with a regular, Main Cabin fare, you can upgrade anytime after purchasing your ticket. You’ll find offers on or the Fly Delta app for Comfort Plus and Premium Cabin experiences. The upgrade prices can range from a few bucks to a few hundred dollars, but in general, the closer you are to your departure date, the better the offer will be on any remaining available seats.

In addition, all Delta Medallion members receive unlimited free upgrades when the space is there. And if you’re getting it for free? We have to say the upgrade to Delta Comfort Plus is definitely worth it. Dibs go first to the highest ranking members: Diamond and Platinum, then Gold and Silver.

Baggage Allowance

A major downside to Delta Comfort Plus is that it shares the same baggage allowance as other Main Cabin fares. That means, on domestic flights, it doesn’t come with a free checked bag like other upgraded fares. 

Now you might argue that it’s not a premium fare, so it makes sense complimentary baggage isn’t included. But considering Comfort Plus is Delta’s rough equivalent to Premium Economy, especially on domestic flights where Premium Select isn’t offered, we’ll complain a little that this is one area where Delta drops the ball. 

Considering that the price difference between Main Cabin and Comfort Plus can rise above $100, a single free checked bag wouldn’t be remiss here. 

Pro-tip: Want to get around the lack of free bags? Become a Delta SkyMiles credit card holder or a Medallion member to get complimentary baggage on domestic flights.

Priority Boarding

We mentioned that Comfort Plus isn’t just about the legroom. Another bonus that might make flying as a Delta Comfort Plus passenger worth it is the access to perks available through Delta Sky Priority, a program designed to turn the airport slog into a breeze. Specifically, Delta Comfort Plus passengers can take advantage of the program’s Sky Priority Boarding.

While you’ll still board behind Premium Cabin and Medallion Status holders, you’ll board before the majority of Main Cabin passengers, giving you a few extra minutes to settle in. 

Bonus: Because Delta Comfort Plus seats are located at the front of the main cabin, you also get to deboard quicker.

Dedicated Overhead Bin

Delta Comfort Plus seats have a dedicated overhead bin space, so you don’t have to worry about running out of room to store your luggage. You know what that means: you can scratch the dreaded gate-check off your list of travel worries.

Extra Legroom

Extra legroom never seems like a big deal until you stretch your legs and realize a few inches can make all the difference. The biggest draw to flying Delta Comfort Plus has to be the extra legroom the seats boast: three inches more than a regular economy seat. From above-average height flyers to long-legged giants, Delta Comfort seats guarantee more room to breathe and enjoy the ride.

Not only do you get extra legroom, but on select domestic routes and most long-haul flights, Comfort Plus seats also have a deeper recline, fifty percent more than in Economy. Another small perk for even more added comfort.

In-Flight Entertainment

Delta offers the same entertainment, Delta Studio, in Comfort Plus and the regular Main Cabin. Over a thousand hours of entertainment await passengers in the form of movies, podcasts, shows from popular streaming channels, and even Spotify playlists. 

Or, you can settle in with the USB jacks on the screen or the power outlet between seats to keep your mobile devices charged as you binge-watch your favorite shows.  

Premium Meals and Snacks 

A ride through the skies wouldn’t feel the same without snacks and a drink to help the time fly by. It’s like a rite of passage, or maybe a throwback to preschool, with snacks and a juice box before naptime. Whatever the case may be, we’ve come to expect food on our travels. So, on any flight over 251 miles, Delta delivers drinks and a complimentary snack.

Delta includes a few extras for Comfort Plus flyers to help make the upgrade worth it on select domestic flights. Delta Comfort Plus passengers are treated to complimentary alcoholic beverages and premium snacks. 

So, you want to jazz up your in-flight food experience on domestic flights? Comfort Plus is the way to go.

Amenity Kits

On your average domestic flight, the Delta Comfort Plus amenities don’t differ much from Economy. 

However, they’re markedly different on an international flight like New York to Athens. In addition to a pillow and blanket, Delta treats Comfort Plus passengers to an amenity kit containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, earplugs, and a sleep mask. 

So, if you haven’t flown in a while and forget something on your packing list, you can still relax in comfort and maybe catch a few ZZZs while in the air. 

Changes and Cancellations

Delta no longer charges change or cancellation fees for any Main Cabin or above fares. That includes Delta Comfort Plus. Passengers are free to change their ticket anytime before departure and only pay the difference between their original fare and the new one. 

Tickets not changed before departure essentially lose all value, as Delta won’t credit or refund missed flights. So, if the worst happens and you miss your flight, you won’t be able to get your money back. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to salvage your trip!


It can be hard to justify the cost of a first-class ticket when you’re already splurging on travel. In contrast, Delta Comfort Plus has a price tag that’s much easier to swallow. 

Though it changes depending on the route, Delta Comfort seats usually range between $20 and $150 more than Economy seats. Compare that to a premium cabin ticket like First Class, and you’re looking at three to four times the price of a Comfort Plus fare.

So, if you’re trying to splurge on a low budget, it makes sense why you’d upgrade to Comfort Plus for a comfier flight and leave the First Class cabin experience for the high-rollers.

Delta Comfort Plus FAQs

Spending money on travel can be challenging. So, if you’re still trying to decide whether to upgrade on your next Delta flight, it may be worth asking a few more questions. 

What Is the Difference Between Main Cabin and Comfort Plus on Delta?

Both are Economy class fares, but you’ll notice the biggest differences in legroom, seating, overhead space, and service. Comfort Plus includes three extra inches of legroom, seats at the front of the Main Cabin, dedicated overhead bin space, and more complimentary services on short and long-haul flights, including premium snacks.

While they share some similarities in service and amenities, the biggest perk with Comfort Plus is the additional space, making long flights infinitely more comfortable for vertically gifted flyers. 

But the other add-ons you get with Delta Comfort Plus are a definite bonus that will make the upgrade worth it for other travelers too. For example, sitting behind the Premium Select or First Class Cabin makes boarding and deboarding unbelievably quicker, while the dedicated bins for your carry-on ensure you won’t be caught unawares by a pesky gate check on your next flight.

What Is the Difference Between Delta Comfort Plus vs. First Class or Premium Select?

While Delta Comfort Plus is an upgrade, it’s by no means a luxury experience. At its core, Comfort Plus is just a main cabin seat, and in many ways, it doesn’t differ at all from your standard main cabin fare.

On the other hand, both Premium Select and First Class offer premium flight experiences. And it’s no surprise they come with the price tags to match.

First Class seats are available on domestic flights. These fares come with two checked bags, dedicated flight attendants, full SkyPriority access, and broader, roomier seats.

Delta Premium Select is the airline’s version of a Premium Economy fare. It has its own cabin behind the Delta One Cabin and is available on select international flights. Overall, it includes many of the same perks found on a domestic flight in First Class. Premium Select seats have more legroom and a deeper recline. They also come with SkyPriority for a faster airport experience and upgraded meal service and entertainment.

Comfort Plus will undoubtedly get the job done for a bit of added comfort on your next flight and is available on both domestic and long-haul international flights. But, for a true luxury experience, Premium Select and Delta First Class are your paradise in the sky.

Do You Get a Carry-on with Delta Comfort Plus?

Yes, all passengers on Delta Flights are allowed one personal item and carry-on bag, including Comfort Plus passengers. In addition, while space in the Main Cabin is limited, Comfort Plus passengers can avoid worries of dwindling overhead space with the dedicated bins provided in the Comfort Plus section of the cabin.

Is Delta Comfort Plus Worth It for Domestic Flights?

Yes. However, the price difference is the biggest factor here. For just $20 more, the extra space and overhead storage are easily worth it, even on a relatively short trip. But, bump the price difference up to $100, and it starts to become a question of funds over convenience.

Whether or not Delta Comfort Plus is worth it for your next domestic flight depends on your budget and the fare difference. Even a quick flight from LA to San Fran might be worth upgrading for only a few dollars to be a bit more comfortable and get to deplane and get your bags before most Main Cabin passengers. You can even enjoy a complimentary drink while the masses gaze on with envy.

Even if it’s not truly premium, you’ll still feel like you’re living the high life.

Is Delta Comfort Plus Worth It for International Flights?

Absolutely. Comfort Plus is your budget splurge if you don’t have the hundreds or thousands of dollars to indulge in a Delta Premium Select or Delta One ticket for your next international flight. Flying Comfort Plus gives you more space to relax and enjoy the hours-long flight in peace without overextending your travel funds.

Starting your vacation off right is priceless. But for those without bottomless purses, Delta Comfort Plus is an upgrade option worth the small splurge.

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