Delta Comfort Plus vs. First Class: Side-By-Side Comparison and How to Choose the One That’s Right for You

Experience tells all, and when it comes to comfort, Delta Air Lines knows a thing or two about catering to its customers and rivaling the competition. That’s why, when booking Delta flights, you’ll typically find six different class fares: Basic Economy, Main Cabin, Comfort Plus, First Class, Premium Select, and Delta One. But if you’re debating your best choices for upgraded comfort, it’ll likely come down to Delta Comfort Plus vs. First Class. 

While these upgrade options offer added benefits on your next flight, the difference in experience could make or break your trip—and your wallet. So, what are Delta Comfort Plus and Delta First Class? How will each change your experience? And most importantly, is upgrading even worth it? 

Find the answers to these questions and more as we break down the perks of Delta Comfort Plus vs. First Class.

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What is Delta Comfort Plus?

Delta Comfort Plus is an upgraded experience level offered by Delta Air Lines. While the upgrade still features Main Cabin seats, it provides definitive advantages over flying in Basic Economy or standard seats, including extra legroom, priority boarding, and premium snacks. 

You could say that Delta Comfort Plus is similar to flying premium economy on other airlines. However, the airline’s true premium economy equivalent is Delta Premium Select, which is available on most long-haul international flights. 

Like Delta Premium Select, Comfort Plus falls between economy class and business classes. Although it shares some benefits with economy class, it also offers distinct upgrades at an affordable price. This makes Comfort Plus the perfect choice for budget-conscious travelers looking to upgrade their Main Cabin experience with some premium features.

What Is Delta First Class?

First Class brings to mind luxury and the very best of what an airline has to offer. And Delta’s First Class experience certainly delivers, taking you out of the main cabin and planting you at the front of the plane. 

Because it’s a true luxury experience, Delta First Class offers the kind of creature comforts you won’t find flying standard classes. Say goodbye to long lines and hello to a breezy check-in and boarding experience thanks to Delta SkyPriority. Once on the plane, you won’t just notice a difference in where you’re seated. Moving to the front of the aircraft comes with more upgraded perks you won’t find in Comfort Plus, like additional seating space, better meal service, and more.

With all these perks, you may think First Class is the best of the best, but it’s actually not the most premium experience Delta offers. On premium transcontinental and international routes, the first-class cabin is branded as Delta One, Delta’s version of business class. This service is available on international flights, along with some domestic flights, and comes with premium perks like lie-flat seats.

On most domestic flights, you’ll have the option of booking Delta First Class, while on most long-haul international flights, passengers can book Delta Premium Select or Delta One. 

Delta Comfort Plus vs. First Class: How They Compare

So, what exactly does each fare class offer, and how will it change your experience? Of course, the best way to determine which cabin class is best for your next journey with Delta Air Lines is by deep diving into each fare class’s perks and benefits. 

Delta Comfort Plus vs. First Class: Booking

Delta Comfort Plus 

Once upon a time, Comfort Plus was an upgrade feature. First, you had to book your seats; then, you could upgrade to Comfort Plus for an additional fee. 

Nowadays, that extra step is no more. Booking Comfort Plus is as simple as going to the Delta Air Lines website, choosing your flight, and selecting the Comfort Plus fare. Additionally, you can upgrade to Comfort Plus using miles after purchasing a Main Cabin ticket. 

Note: Basic economy tickets aren’t eligible for an upgrade to Comfort Plus.

The price tag is the biggest difference between booking Delta Comfort Plus vs. Delta First Class. Of course, prices always differ depending on the flight, but you can expect to spend between $20 to $100 more on Delta Comfort seats than on regular economy class seats.

Delta First Class 

Delta First Class doesn’t offer any surprises during the booking process. Unlike some international airlines, Delta Air Lines doesn’t practice online bidding for premium seats, so the only way to book them is the old-fashioned way: through their website. And that’s not cheap. Depending on travel dates and the destination, customers can expect to shell out upwards of three times the price of Delta Comfort Plus.

Instead of paying for a first-class ticket outright, one way to upgrade is with a Delta Regional Upgrade or Global Upgrade certificate. Both certificates confirm a first-class seat in advance.

Additionally, for high-status elite passengers, customers are eligible to receive a complimentary upgrade to Delta First Class via the upgrade list.

Delta Comfort Plus vs. First Class: Check-In & Boarding

Delta Comfort Plus 

One major advantage of upgrading to Delta Comfort Plus is gaining access to some of the perks of Delta SkyPriority, one of Delta’s most valuable programs when you’re in a rush. Priority Boarding provides dedicated check-in counters, Priority baggage dropoff, and early boarding.

Although you won’t be the first to board the plane—that honor goes to Delta One and first-class passengers—you do get to board ahead of most folks in the Main Cabin, including SkyPriority members.

Admittedly, these are all nice perks to have with your Comfort Plus upgrade. While not precisely business lounge access, they do improve your airport experience in subtle ways that make traveling more of a joy rather than a chore. 

Delta First Class 

It should be no surprise, but check-in and boarding get even more effortless with premium cabin tickets. Passengers flying Delta First Class can use any SkyPriority counter to check in for their flight and unload their bags. Delta also offers first-class lanes in select airports, so you can fly through security rather than crawl.

And when it comes to boarding, first-class passengers are pretty high up the priority ladder. After Diamond Medallion members, First Class members get to board, put away their bags, and settle in with a complimentary water bottle before take-off. 

Delta Comfort Plus vs. First Class: Baggage Allowance

Delta Comfort Plus 

As we mentioned, while it is an upgrade, Delta Comfort Plus is still a Main Cabin fare. That means some things don’t change much between standard economy tickets and Comfort Plus. 

One of the big things you’ll notice with your Comfort Plus ticket purchase is the lack of complimentary baggage. Delta doesn’t provide even one free checked bag, meaning you’ll have to pay extra for most flights if you can’t pack light.

With this in mind, some select routes do include a complimentary bag. Always check your flight itinerary for specifics on everything included in your fare.

Delta First Class

Flying first class means packing worries disappear. First-class passengers get two complimentary checked bags, up to 70lbs each, for free on every flight. These bags also come with expedited services, so your bags are delivered first at the carousel.

Delta Comfort Plus vs. First Class: Seating

Delta Comfort Plus 

The baggage might be a miss, but Delta Comfort seats take care of one of the most important needs of travelers flying 30,000 miles above the ground: comfort. A Delta Comfort seat comes with up to three inches of extra legroom, making relaxing possible. In addition, on select domestic and international flights, the comfort is heightened with seats that recline up to fifty percent more than other Main Cabin seats.

Another major benefit is that Delta Comfort Plus seats are located near the front of the plane, making boarding and deboarding quicker. 

Finally, Delta Comfort Plus comes with its own dedicated overhead bin space, so you don’t have to push and shove for a spot to store your luggage. 

Delta First Class

First-class seats on Delta are located in the premium cabin at the front of the plane. Seated near the front, the layout in the first-class cabin typically consists of a 1-2 or 2-2 format, leaving plenty of space for passengers to spread out. And spread out they can, with a larger seat pitch and seat width than you get in Comfort Plus. In addition, first-class seats provide up to eight inches more legroom and come with a dedicated overhead bin for your luggage. Combine the added space with a noticeably deeper recline than any seats in the Main Cabin, and you’ll be relaxing in style.

Delta Comfort Plus vs. First Class: Entertainment

Delta Comfort Plus 

Delta Comfort Plus has plenty of in-flight entertainment to make your hours in the sky fly by. Over a thousand hours of free entertainment are at your fingertips. Pop in the complimentary earbuds Delta Air Lines provides, and you can enjoy everything from live satellite TV and games to podcasts and playlists. You can also access the latest movies and TV series from services like HBO®, Hulu®, and Showtime®. 

Every Delta Comfort seat comes with a personal, nine-inch screen. And if the onboard entertainment isn’t enough to keep you busy, Delta Air Lines supplies speedy Wi-Fi to make working, playing, or messaging friends that much easier.

Delta First Class

Entertainment is one area where you won’t find much difference between flying Delta Comfort Plus or First Class. First-class passengers get access to the same entertainment perks you’ll find in Delta Comfort Plus; it just comes with a bigger 11-inch screen. So, if you’re trying to decide between Delta Comfort Plus vs. First Class, know you’ll get a similar entertainment experience if you choose the less expensive option.

Delta Comfort Plus vs. First Class: Food & Drinks

Delta Comfort Plus 

Whether you’ve got a case of the munchies or just need a drink to calm the nerves, Delta Comfort Plus provides more options to quench your appetite. All passengers can enjoy complimentary snacks and beverages on flights over 251 miles. 

But Delta Comfort Plus kicks things up a notch. Comfort Plus flyers receive complimentary beer and wine service and premium snacks on domestic and select short-haul flights. So, if you’re flying on a short-haul flight across the country or to the Caribbean, it may be worth upgrading to Comfort Plus for the drink services alone. 

However, if you’re flying internationally, you won’t find much difference between Comfort Plus and basic fare classes. You’ll get access to the full range of beverage options, along with an entree and dessert.

Delta First Class

Airline meals aren’t anything to write home about. But that only applies if you’re flying in the main cabin. In the first-class cabin, it’s not just your comfort that becomes luxury; it’s meals too.

First class offers the same benefits as Comfort Plus with some extra extras; after all, it wouldn’t be First Class without the frills. Short flights treat passengers to snack boxes with an assortment of goodies. Bakery-style items are offered for breakfast, while the afternoon brings treats like chips and candy bars. 

Longer flights unveil an even more first-rate experience, with chef-curated meals of breakfast, lunch, or dinner based on your flight times. And for flights over 2,300 miles, passengers enjoy 24-hour-a-day meal service and premium snacks. 

Pro-tip: Preorder your meal on to guarantee your first selection. 

Delta Comfort Plus vs. First Class: In-Flight Amenities

Delta Comfort Plus 

On most domestic flights, the Delta Comfort Plus experience doesn’t offer much more in terms of amenities than what you’ll find in economy. 

However, on some long-haul international flights to destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and South America, there are perks to upgraded flying. Delta treats Comfort Plus passengers to a complimentary blanket, pillow, and headset to upgrade their experience. Comfort Plus passengers also receive an amenity kit to freshen up after a long flight.

Delta First Class

Delta’s first-class experience offers many of the same perks as Delta Comfort Plus, with a few notable additions. Alongside the complimentary blanket, pillow, and amenity kit on long-haul flights, first-class passengers also receive complimentary ergonomic earbuds.

Delta Comfort Plus vs. First Class: Personal Attention

Delta Comfort Plus 

As far as in-flight attention goes, you won’t find much in Delta Comfort Plus. While it’s an upgraded experience, it was never meant to offer the same luxury benefits as more premium options. So, if you’re looking for personalized attention on your flight, turn your sights to First Class and consider upgrading your experience to the luxury cabin.

Delta First Class

As Delta’s luxury experience, flying in the first-class cabin means flying with personalized service from a dedicated flight attendant. So, drink refills come quickly and often without you even having to ask! 

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. And while your flight may still be twelve hours, we doubt you’ll notice the time when flying first class.

Is It Worth Upgrading to Delta Comfort Plus or First Class?

Economy gets a bad rap for a reason. Its primary purpose is to get you from point A to point B in one piece (sore knees and cramped calves notwithstanding). Consequently, you’ll find definite advantages to booking an upgraded experience.

Premium seats come with enough benefits to justify the pricier price tag. More legroom and better in-flight entertainment can make a flight fly by—literally. And the space to work or sit back and catch some shut-eye could be the difference between a bad start or the perfect beginning to your trip.

With that said, always weigh the cost of upgrading your seat with the length of your flight. The choice of Delta Comfort Plus vs. a first-class upgrade becomes clear if you’re on a budget or a short flight across the country. But, if you’re on a long flight and looking for that premium experience, nothing is stopping you from enjoying a complimentary drink and toasting to the high life. 

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