What Is Delta SkyPriority? Everything You Need to Know and More

Anyone who flies knows time is precious. That is why you’re flying, after all, and not road tripping across the country. You want to get to where you’re going fast, and a plane is the quickest way to do it. But, unfortunately, between check-in, long lines at security, and being last to board, sometimes the process can feel slower than if you’d just driven instead. That’s where Delta Sky Priority comes in. 

You may be asking, ”What is Delta Sky Priority?” and if so, you’re in the right place. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about what it is, how you can get it, and all the benefits that come with it.

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What Is Delta Sky Priority?

According to Delta, it’s all about getting where you’re going. To that end, Delta offers SkyPriority®, an elite travel experience available to Medallion Members, frequent flyer program members, and passengers flying with a premium upgraded ticket. 

Just as the name SkyPriority® suggests, Delta Sky Priority offers valued Delta customers priority services on Delta flights. From priority check-in to priority boarding, Sky Priority customers are treated to a smoother and quicker travel experience from start to finish.

Delta Sky Priority FAQ

Delta’s Sky Priority program makes everything to do with checking in and getting to your flight easier than ever. Here’s everything you need to know about Sky Priority on Delta, from benefits to how to qualify. 

What Are the Benefits of Delta SkyPriority®?

Travel can often be a hassle, between long check-in lines, long boarding lines, long—you get the idea. Lots of long lines, lots of waiting. 

Delta Sky Priority makes every part of the travel experience faster, minus your actual flight time. From the moment you arrive at the airport, Sky Priority members enjoy priority check-in, expedited security lanes, priority boarding, and expedited baggage services.

Traveling, especially during peak times, can be a nightmare. We all know the drill—navigating crowds, dodging elbows and suitcase wheels, and sweating through the additional layer you threw on because the plane is always cold. Meanwhile, Sky Priority customers can avoid a few of these nightmarish scenarios with a bit of luck and priority favor. 

Sky Priority members have their own dedicated check-in area at the airport. Additionally, select airports offer expedited security lines to help you get to your Delta flight sooner. 

Once you make it to your gate, Sky Priority boarding gives you a dedicated priority boarding zone. That leaves you plenty of time to get seated, store your luggage and get comfortable. And at the end of your flight, priority baggage handling ensures your bag is one of the first to appear on the carousel. 

Bonus benefits like free extra baggage allowance and priority waitlist only sweeten the deal. But earlier access to prized seats in the exit row and forward cabin, priority lanes at baggage offices and help centers, and in-flight coupons for checking in online, make Sky Priority a must if you’re a frequent flyer on Delta flights.

How Do I Get Sky Priority on Delta

Delta Airlines offers SkyPriority® access to its most valued customers, and there are several ways to get it on your next Delta flight. 

Medallion Status

The first way to access Sky Priority on Delta flights is by being a Medallion Member, an elite loyalty member of Delta’s frequent flyer program, SkyMiles. Though the program has four statuses, only those who qualify for the top three Medallion tiers have Sky Priority access.

  • Diamond Medallion Members
  • Platinum Medallion Members
  • Gold Medallion Members

Medallion Status can be earned through a combination of spending and flying with Delta and its partner airlines. 

The lowest Medallion Status with SkyPriority® access, Gold, requires 50,000 Medallion Qualification Miles (distance flown). The alternative option is 60 Medallion Qualification Segments (number of flights taken). Whichever you choose, you’ll also need to earn $6,000 in Medallion Qualification Dollars through your spending.

Premium Cabin Travel

If you’ve decided to upgrade your travel experience in the sky with a premium fare, read the fine print. You’ve also upgraded your travel experience at the airport.

All of the airline’s premium fares—Delta One, Delta First Class, and Delta Premium Select—come with access to Delta SkyPriority®. 

International Frequent Flyer Program Members

Delta offers Sky Priority to select members of their airline partners’ frequent flyer programs. So, for example, if you have Gold status with Virgin Atlantic Flying Club, you can enjoy all the benefits of Sky Priority access as if you were a Delta Medallion Member.

SkyTeam Elite and Elite Plus Members

Similar to Delta’s partnership with Virgin Atlantic, Delta Air Lines also offers Sky Priority benefits to Elite and Elite Plus status members flying with SkyTeam airlines. Both member statuses enjoy:

  • Priority waitlist
  • Priority standby
  • Free extra baggage allowance
  • Priority check-in
  • Priority boarding
  • Preferred seating 

Does Amex Platinum Give You Delta SkyPriority®?

Not on its own. Eligible cards like the Amex Platinum give you access to priority boarding on Delta flights but not Sky Priority benefits. However, with Delta SkyMiles® Platinum American Express Card, you can earn award miles for flight redemptions and Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) to reach Medallion Status.

Specifically, the Amex Platinum card comes with a Status Boost benefit. This allows SkyMiles members to earn 10,000 MQMs after making $25,000 in eligible purchases. In addition, cardholders can also receive a Medallion Qualification Dollar (MQD) waiver after spending $25,000 dollars on their card in one calendar year.

So, it may be worth it to get the Amex Platinum card for its other benefits and use them to make getting to an eligible Medallion Status for Sky Priority that much easier.

Is Delta SkyPriority the Same as TSA PreCheck?

Delta Sky Priority is not the same as TSA PreCheck. However, it offers many of the same benefits, and in some cases more, than TSA PreCheck. While TSA PreCheck is only available in the US, Delta Sky Priority also includes faster security lanes in foreign countries.

The major differences between Delta Sky Priority and TSA PreCheck come down to their airport availability and pricing. 

Delta Sky Priority is available at many Delta locations and abroad and doesn’t include a specific price, as access is included with premium fares and loyalty program membership. On the other hand, TSA PreCheck is available at over 200 domestic airports regardless of the airlines present, and access comes with a standard membership application fee of $85 per five years. 

Does SkyPriority Get Delta Lounge Access?

Sky Priority has many extras and features to make your airport experience more than bearable. Unfortunately, Delta Lounge Access isn’t one of them. The Delta Sky Club premium experience is only available through Sky Club Membership, which isn’t included with Delta SkyPriority®. 

However, select travelers who hold a Sky Club membership, Delta credit card, or Elite Status—such as Skyteam Elite Plus Members or Delta One passengers—can access the lounge. 

Does Delta Comfort Include Sky Priority? 

No, because Delta Comfort Plus is still a main cabin fare, it’s not considered a premium fare like those in the first class cabin—Delta One and First Class—or Delta Premium Select. However, while it doesn’t qualify for Sky Priority access, Comfort Plus does provide major benefits to a regular economy ticket.

  • More legroom
  • Premium snacks and complimentary beer and wine service
  • Sky Priority boarding*
  • Dedicated overhead bin space for Comfort Plus seats
  • And more

*Delta Comfort Plus passengers only receive access to Sky Priority boarding and no other Sky Priority features.

Delta Comfort Plus can be a more affordable option for travelers whose main concern is a more comfortable flight and priority boarding. However, if a quicker airport experience is your main concern, you’ll want to consider upgrading to a more premium cabin experience to enjoy Sky Priority benefits.

Can I Purchase Delta Sky Priority?

They say the best things in life can’t be bought. Delta Air Lines took that to heart. You can’t purchase Sky Priority privileges directly. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still pull out some extra bills to get you those additional perks. Rather than being able to buy Sky Priority outright, you can buy premium fares instead. Delta One, First Class, and Premium Select fares all come with Sky Priority access. 

So, to take advantage of Sky Priority benefits like priority check-in, faster security lines, and priority boarding, consider upgrading from the standard main cabin fares to premium. You can elevate every part of your experience, from traveling through security at the airport to traveling through the skies on your Delta flight.

How Much Does Delta Sky Priority Cost?

Delta Sky Priority doesn’t have a set cost, as it’s accessible only through Medallion Membership status or by purchasing premium upgraded tickets. 

Medallion Membership status is earned through a combination of flying and spending. Gold Medallion Members are the lowest Medallion status with Sky Priority access. Unless the MDQ is waived, the following requirements must be reached to qualify for Sky Priority access:

  • 50,000 Medallion Qualification Miles OR 60 Medallion Qualification Segments
  • $6,000 Medallion Qualification Dollars

Once you’ve reached these qualifications, SkyMiles members are granted access to Sky Priority benefits.

The other option for getting Sky Priority access is by purchasing a premium upgraded ticket. That means shelling out the big bucks. Even the cheapest premium fare, Delta Premium Select, can cost up to twice as much as main cabin fares. 

Of course, that may be nothing compared to Delta’s other two premium fare classes. First Class tickets, usually available on domestic flights, range between $600 and $1200, while Delta One fares, typically available on most international flights, vary from $4,000 to $6,000 on average. 

Needless to say, Sky Priority doesn’t have to be so expensive. You just have to know where to look for the right deals or sign up for a service like Next Vacay to send them right to you. 

Does the Delta Credit Card Give You Delta Sky Priority? 

No one particular Delta credit card will give you direct access to Delta Sky Priority. The most a Delta credit card can do is get you one step closer to Sky Priority access. 

With card benefits like welcome offers, up to triple times miles on purchases, an MQD waiver, and Status Boost, Delta cards make it easier to reach Medallion Status and gain access to Sky Priority Benefits.

And in the meantime, some offer special perks, like main cabin Priority boarding, to hold you over.

How Will I Know If I Qualify for Delta SkyPriority®?

Belonging to any of the following categories means you immediately qualify for Delta Sky Priority:


  • Diamond Medallion Members
  • Platinum Medallion Members
  • Gold Medallion Members


  • Delta One
  • First Class
  • Delta Premium Select


  • Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold Members


  • SkyTeam Elite Members
  • SkyTeam Elite Plus Members

If you meet one of the statuses above, that’s it! You can immediately access Delta Sky Priority benefits on your next flight. 

You should see Sky Priority listed on your boarding group when you download or print your boarding pass. From there, follow the signage and look for the distinctly branded Sky Priority areas at the airport to take advantage of your benefits as a Sky Priority flyer. 

Is Delta Sky Priority Available at Every Airport?

Delta SkyPriority® is available everywhere Delta Air Lines flies. In addition, customers can also enjoy Sky Priority services like priority check-in and boarding with SkyTeam airlines, including Air France, KLM, and more

That said, while Sky Priority services are offered everywhere Delta Air Lines and its partners fly, not all services are guaranteed to be available.

Is Delta Sky Priority a Global Program? 

Yes, Delta Sky Priority can be considered a global program to a degree. While not available everywhere, Sky Priority is available at most Delta Air Lines locations in the US and abroad. Furthermore, Delta Medallion and SkyTeam Elite members can access Sky Priority benefits during their travels with Delta and its airline partners. 

Is Delta Sky Priority Worth It?

The benefits are clear. If you’re a frequent flyer, a constant over-packer, or a stressed traveler worrying about lines at the airport, Sky Priority is worth having. Delta Sky Priority does exactly what’s in the name, giving passengers access to priority check-in, security lanes, boarding, and more.

On top of those benefits that make getting in and out of the airport effortless, it provides perks like free extra baggage and early access to the best seats on the plane, including exit row and forward cabin seats. For a loyal passenger of Delta Air Lines and its partners, Sky Priority is a no-brainer.

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