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The sun shines 250 days a year in Cancun. That means what awaits visitors is endless blue skies, sun-kissed shores, and the perfect setting for beach adventures in any season. White sand beaches, luxury resorts, fine dining, and unbeatable nightlife promise something to enjoy for all ages. And there’s never a bad time to experience it all. But if you’re wondering when is the best time to visit Cancun, here’s everything you need to know to plan your trip to paradise at the perfect time.

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The Weather in Cancun

For beach destinations, it’s all about the weather, and Cancun’s weather makes it easy to enjoy the beach at any time. With year-round sunshine and warm sea temperatures, Cancun stands out as an irresistible beach destination all throughout the year.

Wet Season (May to October)

The wet season stretches over the summer months, and as the name and timing would suggest, it’s both the wettest and hottest time of year. Afternoon thunderstorms are frequent, and temperatures commonly reach into the high 80s and low 90s, abetted by humidity that makes the warm temps feel even warmer. 

While the abundant rainfall brings the region to life with lush, green landscapes, it’s also marked by hurricanes and tropical storms, which tend to form between August and October. However, the risk of hurricanes making landfall is slightly less prescient, and with the rain heavily relegated to the afternoons, travelers still enjoy plenty of sunshine and dry days, especially in May, which sees the least amount of rainfall during the wet season.

With Cancun’s shoulder season right at the end of hurricane season in November, it’s an excellent time to visit if you’re looking for travel deals.

Best Time to Visit Cancun for Deals and Fewer Crowds ✈️

Dry Season (November to April)

Considered to be the best time to visit Cancun, the dry season is characterized by minimal rainfall, low humidity, and mild weather. Days are sunny and warm but not too hot, with temperatures around the low to mid-80s. The pleasant weather means visitors can better enjoy what Cancun is best known for: beaches, beaches, and more beaches. The milder temperatures also make it easier to enjoy outdoor adventures, from visiting ancient Mayan ruins to exploring the lush Yucatan and its dazzling cenotes. 

The biggest drawback of the dry season is that it coincides with peak season. Consequently, visitors can expect larger crowds and higher prices for flights, accommodations, and even activities.

Best Time to Visit Cancun for Beaches and Sunshine 🏖️

Cancun is the resort city that never sleeps. Something is always going on all year long! From loud and boisterous parties to unique festivals not found anywhere else, here are just a few events you won’t want to miss.

Cancun Carnival (February)

Come February, it’s Carnival time! Cancun might not be renowned for its Carnival celebrations in the same way as Rio or even Veracruz, but the colorful festivities make this a can’t-miss event for anyone in the area. The streets of Cancun are flooded with vibrant parades, elaborate costumes, and intricately designed floats. Live concerts fill the air with Caribbean music, and vendors offer up delicious bites and festive souvenirs.

The event lasts five days and culminates in a grand parade through Cancun’s downtown area. It’s a joyful time leading up to Lent that allows people to embrace the spirit of revelry while also enjoying the rich culture of Cancun.

Children’s Day (April)

April 30th is known as a special holiday in Cancun and around Mexico, called Children’s Day, or in Spanish, El Día de Niño. Around this time, communities, schools, and families plan fun activities and events, all to celebrate kids and their importance within the community. This also spills over into the tourism industry. Many resorts will offer extra treats, entertainment, and celebrations around this time of year, meaning if you’re traveling with kids in tow, April might be the best time to visit Cancun to put some smiles on their little faces.

Whale Shark Festival (July)

Hop on a 30-minute ferry from Cancun to Isla Mujeres to witness a truly spectacular event: the whale shark migration. Each summer, these gentle giants pass through the waters of Isla Mujeres, coming to feed on the plankton around the island and simultaneously creating a magical experience for visitors. During the Whale Shark Festival, the main event is swimming with the whale sharks, but so much more goes on. The islanders put on music, dancing, art exhibitions, and cultural performances, all to celebrate and promote awareness of these majestic creatures.

Cancun Jazz Festival (October/November)

The Cancun Jazz Festival is an annual music festival that combines top-tier musical performances with the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean. The festival features a lineup of internationally renowned artists performing a myriad of jazz genres, including smooth jazz, Latin jazz, and contemporary jazz. With a mix of concert performances and workshops, attendees, from intrigued tourists to die-hard jazz enthusiasts, can experience jazz music in a unique and entertaining way. 

Day of the Dead (November) 

Día de Muertos is a culturally rich holiday celebrated annually throughout Mexico between October 31st and November 2nd. The holiday honors deceased loved ones and celebrates life with unique and moving traditions. Consequently, during this time, the country comes alive, and the story is no different in Cancun. Decorations color the streets, including truckloads of orange marigolds, believed to awaken and guide the dead, and ofrendas, which honor the souls of the departed and welcome them home. 

Many festivities conveniently occur in the hotel zone in Cancun, but for a truly memorable experience, it’s best to get out into the city. Parades wind through the streets, with people dressed in traditional clothes with painted faces. Some resemble La Calavera Catrina, the Lady of the Dead. Cemeteries become magic, with gravesites decorated with candles, marigolds, sugar skull candies, and more. Between visits to cenotes, purported portals to the underworld, the unique Mayan traditions of Hanal Pixán, and the Festival of Life and Death Traditions at Xcaret Park, Day of the Dead is a singular experience in Cancun.

Know the Best Time to Go

If you want the perfect vacation, you’ve got to get the timing perfect. Luckily, between amazing deals and pristine shores, there aren’t many bad times to go to Cancun. So if you’re ready for picture-perfect weather and epic experiences swimming with whale sharks, here are the best times to visit Cancun.

The Best Time to Visit Cancun for Low Prices 

They say good things don’t come cheap, but even paradise comes with discounts. If you want to score deals on your beach vacation, the shoulder and low seasons present the best time to visit Cancun. The shoulder seasons of May to June and September to November hover around the peak tourist season, so visitors can enjoy fewer crowds while taking advantage of cheaper flights and accommodations. Late summer is also a great time for budget-conscious travelers to plan their getaway. 

Bear in mind that this time also coincides with the hurricane season, though the biggest risk of hurricanes comes between September and October. Thankfully, not many make landfall in the region, but be sure you’re covered with travel insurance and keep an eye on the weather preceding your trip.

The Best Time to Visit Cancun for Fewer Crowds

To avoid the crowds in Cancun, you must embrace the rain. The summer and autumn showers are responsible for bringing the Yucantan’s lush landscape to life, but when it comes to crowds, they tend to drive away the masses. A rainy summer afternoon by the beach just doesn’t hold the same appeal as a sunny sojourn in winter.

But, luckily for intrepid travelers, Cancun’s showers tend to stick to the afternoons, meaning you can still enjoy plenty of sunshine and beach, even in the midst of the rainy season. This is also a great time to score better hotel deals, restaurant seats, and tour excursions. With fewer crowds, summer and fall promise a different experience of Cancun, one that’s quieter, more authentic, and more like how a local experiences the city.

The Best Time to Visit Cancun for Good Weather

Who can resist a sun-kissed shore? No one going to Cancun. And if sun-soaked beaches are the entire reason behind your trip, then pack your bags and plan your vacation dates for the high season. 

Between temperatures of 65-85°F, very little rainfall, and predominantly clear skies, winter promises the most idyllic weather for all your beach-minded activities. Of course, you won’t be the only one enjoying Cancun’s spoils. If you want to avoid the worst of the crowds, then the months of November, January, and late April allow you to avoid the masses of holiday travelers and spring breakers that swarm the beaches during peak season.

The Best Time to Visit Cancun for Clean Beaches

No one wants their carefully planned Cancun beach vacation ruined by arriving at the beach only to discover it covered in brown sludge. Unfortunately, Cancun is a beach destination like any other in Mexico and the Caribbean, which means it also suffers from problems with sargassum, a floating brown seaweed, that turns otherwise golden sands into foul-smelling shores. 

Seaweed season stretches from February to October in Cancun, with seaweed levels reaching their peak between June and August. Though resorts and cleaning crews do their best to keep the shores pristine, if you want to avoid even a hint of seaweed during your stay, the best time to visit Cancun is in the early winter.

The Best Time to Visit Cancun to Swim with Whale Sharks

Called the gentle giants of the sea, whale sharks are larger than life. With their enormous size and docile personalities, seeing these majestic creatures in person is a truly memorable experience. And the best time to do just that is to visit between May and September.

During the summer months, whale sharks migrate to the warm waters off Cancun’s coast near Isla Holbox and Isla Mujeres to feed, making it an ideal time for an unforgettable encounter. Planning your trip for the peak season for whale sightings between July and August will give you the best chance of seeing them and put you in town at the perfect time to enjoy the annual Whale Shark Festival held in July to celebrate these magnificent animals. 

Cancun Public Holidays and Occasions

Spring Break is one of the biggest holidays for resort destinations like Cancun, with hordes of students and party-goers descending upon the beaches. This can be one of the liveliest times to visit the coastal city, but if you’d rather avoid the crowds, try to travel before or after the Spring Break period.

Christmas is another busy time for Cancun’s hotels and resorts, with many vacationers looking to swap out snow for sun, sea, and sand. But despite it being a busy time of year, the atmosphere remains laid-back and relaxed. 

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