Where Americans want to go on vacation

Where do Americans want to go on vacation?

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After the year and a half we’ve had, many of us are desperate for a vacation. Whether it’s a two hour drive or an eight hour flight away, we will leap at any chance to wind down and relax. But which destinations outside of the USA are the most popular at the moment?

At Next Vacay, we used Google search data to find out which vacation spots around the world are most in-demand by Amercians. So, whether you need some inspiration for your next big trip, or just love a good list, here are all of the USA’s most searched-for vacation destinations.

The top vacation country hotspots

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The UAE is the USA’s most desired vacation country


Containing both Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the UAE is the most searched-for country for a vacation in the USA. Nine states in total had a UAE city as their top location, so this country is evidently doing a great job of bringing in tourists. Its rich culture paired with its ultramodern cities makes it a completely unique destination to travel to, so if you’re thinking about your next vacation, this could be the one.

Italy is an extremely popular destination for vacations


Being the most searched-for vacation country in six states, Italy can confidently be considered one of the most popular vacation destinations among U.S. travelers. The country has a long list of beautiful cities, towns and regions, all with their own unique draw. Rome and Venice are the two Italian cities that landed a spot as the most-searched for cities by state, but a great vacation isn’t limited to these cities — there’s so much more to explore in Italy.

Five states are wanting an Indian vacation


As well as the four states whose top search was Bangalore, Idaho’s top city was Mumbai, bringing the total of states searching for Indian vacations to five. The second-most populous country in the world draws over 10 million tourists a year, and there is a great deal to see there, including the famous Taj Mahal.

France is the most searched-for vacation country in five states


With five states searching for vacations in French cities, this country can firmly be considered a vacation hotspot. Whether you want to experience the luxury of the French Riviera, or stay among the mountains in the Alps, France has many varied experiences to offer tourists. France is the most visited country in the world, with 89 million foreign tourists visiting in 2018.

Greece is a vacation hotspot for three states


Alongside the two top results for Rhodes, Athens is Iowa’s most searched-for vacation city, bringing Greece’s total to three states looking for a sun-filled break. With many islands available to hop around, and Mamma Mia-esque scenery everywhere you go, Greece is the ideal location for a well-deserved getaway.

Various states want Singapore to be their next vacation spot


While not technically a country, the Republic of Singapore is a city-state, meaning it can be on both the city-specific list and this country-specific list. If its unique identity alone has persuaded you to try a vacation here, you would be in good company, with three U.S. states searching the most for this area.

The top vacation city hotspots

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Abu Dhabi is an in-demand destination for five states

abu dhabi

The capital city of the United Arab Emirates is the most searched-for vacation destination in five states, making it the joint most desired spot to travel to alongside Rome. Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Utah all saw this city trend the highest on Google, putting it in their top spots.

With its modern architecture and shopping megacentres combined with the history of the iconic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the city has everything a vacation-seeker could want.

Connecticut and Hawaii have their eyes on Rome


Rome is also the most searched-for vacation destination for five states. The Italian capital draws millions of tourists every year, and Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, Montana and South Dakota want to be among them. Being the biggest search trend in each of these states, Rome is one of the most popular vacation cities for US travelers.

Four states have Bangalore as their most searched-for vacation city


Bangalore, India has a wealth of activities for tourists to get involved in, including the Bangalore Palace, Lalbagh Botanical Garden, and the Bannerghatta Biological Park. For Ohio, New Jersey, Indiana and Colorado, this is the most searched-for city when looking for a vacation.

Dubai is extremely popular in four states


The top trending search for city vacations in four US states was Dubai. Texas, New York, Georgia and North Dakota all want the taste of luxury that Dubai offers tourists, with its stunning man made islands, high-end shopping experiences, and unique sightseeing.

From an ultramodern city experience to trekking through the desert, Dubai has a multitude of activities to offer visitors, so it’s no wonder these states are interested in a visit.

Nice, France is where three states want to vacation


The beautiful city of Nice has grown in popularity as a tourist destination over the years. In fact, it is the most-searched city for vacationing in Michigan, Louisiana and Oregon. Being situated in the French Riviera, the city used to be a retreat for 19th century European elite, but it now has a much wider audience.

Californians are searching more and more for Singapore


If Singapore is among your dream vacation destinations, you’re not alone. California, Florida and Vermont all have Singapore as their top vacation destination search. The city-state has plenty to offer visitors, including the now iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel.

The top vacation city hotspots in the USA

With changing travel restrictions, many Americans are looking to stay closer to home for their next vacation. Our study also found the top destinations in the USA where travelers are looking to go for their next vacation.

San Francisco is the most sought after destination in 11 states

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San Francisco is one of America’s most vibrant cities, filled with rich culture and history. It is known for its food scene and shopping district, it’s not hard to see why San Fran is one of the top searched US destinations for 11 states including Louisiana, Alabama and Minnesota.

Five states want to experience the magic of Orlando


Orlando is most known for being home to world class theme parks including Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort. The Florida city is considered to be the best destination for families and attracts 60 million visitors a year. With over 233 sunny days a year, you can see why Oklahoma, Wyoming and Rhode Island have Orlando at the top of their bucket list.

Americans want to escape to paradise in Honolulu


Whether you’re looking for total relaxation on the beautiful beaches, exploring your adventurous side with a trip to visit the volcanoes or ready to embrace new cultures and cuisines, Honolulu is a must visit destination. For seven states including Idaho, Washington and Virginia this is one of the most searched-for cities when looking for a vacation in the USA.

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Using articles around the topic of “bucket list travel destinations”, “best vacations in 2021” we were able to collect a list of approx 174 dream global travel destinations. To allow for us to make sure we’re focusing on those who want to holiday in these locations we assigned the prefixes “holidays in”, “cheap holidays” and “cheap holidays” to all locations. These terms were then entered into keywordtool.io to collect the average monthly search volume and search trends (over the last 12 months) per state.

All data is correct as of September 2021.