United Airlines Flights: Fun Travel Destinations You’ll Love (Plus Some Routes You Can No Longer Fly)

Hello, 2022 and a brand new year for travel. Perhaps no one is more excited for the travel industry to make its big comeback than the airline industry. As we get into 2022, United Airlines is making a big push to entice travelers to book their future flights with some exciting, nonstop flight destinations around the world. 

Ready to make some epic travel plans? You may want to consider these new and returning destinations from United Airlines.

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Changes to United Airlines Flights

Few industries have been as hard-hit by the pandemic as the travel industry. 

Per the World Tourism Organization, global entries dropped by seventy-four percent in 2020. In total, the year saw a billion fewer international arrivals compared to the previous year. Such a devastating loss has caused lasting damage to the industry. And as a method of recovery, some airlines have made some pretty dramatic changes to their flights, including United Airlines. 

After what the airline told Insider was a careful evaluation of their regional partners—branded under United Express—and the least successful routes they operate, United has made some changes to their overall network. Those changes include cutting several regional routes from their network while simultaneously adding new transatlantic routes.

While we’re sad to say goodbye to some United staples, we can’t deny that we’re excited about these upcoming destinations. 

So, let’s get into these changes and what they mean for travelers going forward!

Small Cities Cut from United Airlines Flights 

Unfortunately, as far as destination cuts go, regional routes have suffered the brunt of the airline industry’s losses. Due to the pandemic and issues over long-term sustainability, United Airlines has been forced to stop flying to several smaller cities in the US.  

A photo of old brick storefronts in a small town

According to Insider, United confirmed these particular routes, all to small cities, were no longer feasible.

  • Kalamazoo/Battle Creek, Michigan
  • College Station, Texas
  • Columbia, Missouri
  • Mosinee, Wisconsin
  • Evansville, Indiana
  • Killeen–Fort Hood, Texas
  • Lansing, Michigan
  • Monroe, Louisiana
  • Pierre, South Dakota
  • Watertown, South Dakota
  • Twin Falls, Idaho

Some small cities—like Wilmington, North Carolina—narrowly avoided the ax with simple route changes to different airports. Unfortunately, small cities in South Dakota and Texas saw multiple losses from the overall network cuts. United put two cities from each state on the chopping block.

Several factors determine a successful route and differ by airline. While United Airlines—meaning United Express and its regional partners—will no longer support these destinations, many will still be serviced through other carriers, including American Airlines and Delta Air Lines. 

For example, travelers hoping to visit Twin Falls can still do so. They simply first have to hop a flight to Salt Lake City, then fly Delta to reach their final destination in Twin Falls.

Similarly, those hoping to travel to College Station, Texas, can get there via AA’s regional route. Instead of departing from Houston, this route flies out of Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) to College Station (CLL).

Fun New United Airlines Destinations

United Airlines has made some pretty big changes with their small-town cuts. That said, they haven’t slacked off with adding on some fantastic new routes to get people excited for summer! 

While the small cities will be missed, there’s no denying the thrill of a new destination to explore. As the only airline carrier currently offering these destinations, United is definitely looking to set itself apart from the pack and offer travelers some shiny new options for their summer travels.

And with United’s basic economy fares, even budget-conscious travelers can take advantage of these amazing new destinations.

Nice, France

Panoramic view of Nice, France

Gorgeous beaches and beautiful baroque-style architecture set the scene for an idyllic French getaway. 

Nissa La Bella sits like a dream on the French Riviera. The city crawls upwards into the hills as the promenades and beaches spill down into the sea. Delectable cuisine, trendy cafes, and luxurious stays await around every corner. However, we bargain that the centuries-old buildings, winding cobblestone streets, and stunning views will be what sweep you off your feet.

United Airlines tickets for this destination are already available. The airline’s service to Nice, France, began on April 29th, with daily departures from the Newark airport.

Amman, Jordan

A modern city bursting with history, the capital of Jordan is an often overlooked gem but one highly worth the visit.

Discover ancient Roman, Byzantine, and Umayyad ruins, explore beautiful mosques, and get lost in Amman’s dazzling market. 

This liberal young city is the perfect gateway to experiencing Middle Eastern culture. Eager newcomers just finding their way will delight in the laidback atmosphere and easily make friends among the welcoming locals.

United will begin offering nonstop flights from Washington Dulles Airport (IAD) to Amman, Jordan (AMM) on May 5th.

Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal

The Azores are an autonomous archipelago consisting of nine volcanic islands. Ponta Delgada, on São Miguel Island, is their unofficial capital. 

In Ponta Delgada, you’ll find an almost miniaturized version of Lisbon. Quaint, cobblestone streets lead to neighborhoods full of unique charm and centuries-old churches. In short, it’s the perfect stop to learn about the Azores’ culture before traveling further to explore the beautiful beaches, stunning crater lakes, and other gems that make the Azores so unique! 

Over the years, the Azores Islands have been a notoriously tricky destination for Americans to travel to. United hopes to make that difficulty a thing of the past. On May 13th, United Airlines flights to Ponta Delgada will start with three times weekly flights out of Newark. The airline will move to daily flight departures in June.

Bergen, Norway

Aerial flight view of Old Town in Bergen, Norway

With the appearance of just another charming Norwegian town, Bergen has untold wonders hiding beneath its surface—and many right on the water. The colorful wooden houses on Bryggen characterize the city’s charm and small-town atmosphere. They’re also a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site that you can’t miss. 

Explore years of history in Bergen’s museums or venture into the wild to discover the heart of the fjords. Known as one of the happiest countries on earth, Norway is also a perfect place to plan your next family getaway.

Getting to the Norwegian capital of Oslo has always been easy. Western Norway, perhaps not so much. But United Airlines tickets to Bergen will make exploring Norway’s western wilderness that much easier. Starting May 20th, the airline will offer three times weekly flights out of Newark.

Bangalore, India

Known as a transportation hub, Bangalore has blossomed into a hip metropolis that caters to tech wizards and trendy travelers.

Step into a city bursting with delectable Indian food, one-of-a-kind shops, and a fascinating story. And did we mention the fun, boozy excursions and chic nightlife venues?

What’s more, Bangalore has plenty of lush greenery to keep your daytime sightseeing plenty busy. Find splendid parks dotted with historic landmarks and sprawling gardens perfect for sunset views. Even better, exciting day trips await just outside of the city. Lush hills, ancient temples, and stunning waterfalls surround Bangalore, making for picture-perfect photos to commemorate your travels.

Nonstop service to Bangalore via United will begin on May 26th, with daily flight departures out of San Francisco.

Tenerife, Spanish Canary Islands

Idyllic beach getaways full of sand and ocean make the perfect backdrop for summer fun. And you’ll find no better place for your summer haven than the biggest island the Canary Islands have to offer.

Gorgeous coves and sandy beaches set between magnificent cliffs and stunning waters are just a few of Tenerife’s many charms. A vibrant nightlife will keep your nights fairly busy. Meanwhile, you can fill your days with the sun and the sea. Explore quaint villages and go in search of your absolute favorite spot on the island—a taller task than you might think.

Finding yourself dreaming of Tenerife? United Airlines flights out of Newark officially launch on June 2nd, just in time to enjoy a summer holiday in paradise.

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Photo of Santa Iglesia Categral in Palma de Mallorca

Islands have long been a destination of choice for many leisure travelers. United seems intent to capitalize on that with its third island getaway.

Palma de Mallorca sits west of Spain like a treasure in the middle of the Balearic Sea. And treasure certainly seems to ring true. Palaces, castles, and cathedrals dot this picturesque island, building on its natural beauty. That’s not even mentioning the resorts that have come to characterize this island’s luxurious style even further. 

With a history that stretches as far back as the 13th century, Palma stuns newcomers with a wealth of stories. Juxtaposed against cute cafes and vibrant nightclubs, visitors will be hard-pressed not to fall in love.

Palma’s terrific weather makes it an ideal destination to visit year-round. Beginning June 9th, United Airlines flights will depart three times weekly from Newark, ensuring you can enjoy Palma at the height of the season.

Returning United Airlines Destinations

Along with the brand new transatlantic routes, United also plans to bring back more than one successful route from 2021. These amazing European destinations had more than one traveler hopping on the soonest flight out.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Vikings, the Northern Lights, and breathtaking landscapes are just a few things the city of Reykjavik has to offer. Iceland’s capital sits on the island’s southern shore and is a short drive from the famous Ring Road. While many use the city as a gateway to exploring the rest of this island’s many treasures, it’s well worth a stop of its own. 

Surprisingly colorful, this small city brings a bit of cheer to overcast skies. Its brightly painted and uniquely designed buildings always stand out. The city also bursts with hidden treasures, including fascinating museums, alleyways full of beautiful murals, and intriguing town landmarks.

Additionally, Iceland is considered the safest country in the world, which makes Reykjavik a great destination for solo female travelers to visit.

Starting May 26th, United Airlines will offer daily, nonstop flights out of Chicago (ORD) to Reykjavik (KEF). 

Dubrovnik, Croatia

View through window of Dubrovnik's historic Old Town

Paved limestone streets and red-tiled roofs give this walled city a distinctive look. Its distinct character was made further iconic when featured as a setting for the hit TV show Game of Thrones. The stunning medieval architecture that made it perfect for television is also the reason it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Walk the pedestrian-only Old Town and admire the refined aesthetic of its Baroque-style churches. Discover vistas with picture-perfect panoramic views and hunt for the best-secluded beaches. At night, party in medieval-fortresses-turned-posh-nightclubs and rest your head in boutique hotels with magnificent views out over the Adriatic. 

United Airlines will begin four times weekly flights out of Newark (EWR) to Dubrovnik (DBV) on May 27th.

Athens, Greece

One of the oldest cities in the world, Athens brims with history and a narrative stretching back thousands of years. 

If you’re in the mood for a historical getaway, look no further than Athens. Monuments from several ancient empires decorate its landscape, with the Acropolis overlooking it all. 

The historical sites and museums are endless, but Athens claims its fair share of modern amusements as well. Take in contemporary art galleries, wander a bustling riviera, and enjoy dramatic concerts taking place in open-air amphitheaters.

United Airlines’ daily flights out of Washington/Dulles (IAD) to Athens (ATH) will begin on June 3rd.

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