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If you set out to discover the Hawaiian Islands from square one, you’d have your work cut out. You could spend years exploring the islands’ well-trod trails and hidden valleys and only scratch the surface of what awaits on this stunning archipelago. Luckily, you won’t have to rely on trial and error to find the best trails, waterfalls, or experiences. With countless Hawaii travel blogs at your fingertips, you can chart your perfect trip to Hawaii from the comfort of your home. 

So, from learning fun facts to spout during your trip to unveiling the tastiest treats to snack on after a day of adventure, here are the ultimate travel blogs for planning your ideal Hawaii getaway.

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The Best General Hawaii Travel Blogs

Want to know how to plan a trip to Hawaii? How about how much will a trip cost you? Or do you want to know if Hawaii is even where you want to spend your days of PTO? To answer those questions and more, like which island holds your picture-perfect vacation, turn your sights to these general Hawaii travel blogs that give you a bird’s eye view of traveling the islands’ beaches, mountains, and valleys. 

1. Next Vacay

Welcome to your first stop for all things Hawaii. Next Vacay is the perfect place for travelers just dipping their toes into Hawaii’s warm waters. From deciding if Hawaii is your destination to choosing an island and your activities, Next Vacay’s travel blog answers some of your most burning questions. 

Planning any trip can be daunting, and Hawaii is no different. Expenses and the fear of missing out on incredible experiences can make a trip to the Hawaiian Islands unnecessarily stressful. However, Next Vacay makes it feel within reach. Get useful cost breakdowns, helpful Hawaii travel tips, and stunning reminders for why you should be excited to visit Hawaii. Beautiful beaches only scratch the surface of what the Aloha State has to offer. Next Vacay is your go-to resource for discovering the best islands to visit for your ideal vacay.

If you want to know how much a trip to Hawaii will cost your family, how many national parks are on the islands, or even the best airlines to fly to Hawaii—Hawaiian Airlines isn’t the only option—Next Vacay has you covered. 

2. Go Hawaii

A mecca of information on all things Hawaii, Go Hawaii is a gateway into exploring the Hawaiian Islands. The site covers vibrant festivals and unique cultural aspects but also delves into specifics. You’ll find guides to each major Hawaiian Island, from the most iconic features to general activities and Hawaii travel tips.

Go Hawaii also tries to give you a better understanding of Hawaii by capturing your senses. Fun videos convey the adventure of the islands, while more contemplative videos capture magnetic elements of Hawaiian culture, like the native chants and dances passed down through generations. The site even offers VR experiences to get you as close to discovering Hawaii as possible without leaving your couch.

And for those ready for the real thing, you can even find help planning your vacation. The site provides a handy directory covering accommodations, activities, restaurants, etc. With several languages offered, Go Hawaii is one of the most accessible sites for users from multiple regions.

The Best Travel Blogs for Your Hawaii Vacation

Once you’ve decided where to go, the real fun begins—planning your trip. And in that case, what better way to do your planning than with an insider’s look into your next great travel adventure? So, for an island guide to help you create the perfect trip itinerary, check out these awesome Hawaii travel blogs.

3. Best of Oahu

Everyone wants the best of the best when they go on a vacation to the tropics: the best beaches, hikes, waterfalls, restaurants, and more. You name it; visitors want to experience it. Luckily those who stumble onto the Best of Oahu will have an easier time finding it on Hawaii’s most visited island. 

Created by Bradah James, the Best of Oahu offers a local’s take on the enchanting mix of city life, culture, and natural beauty that the Gathering Place is famous for. Of course, it’s no surprise that many visitors’ first thought of Oahu is either Honolulu, Waikiki Beach, or Pearl Harbor National Memorial. However, James knows the island is all this and much more. Famous north shore surf contends against east coast outdoor adventures and endless activities in Honolulu. But have no fear. The Best of Oahu promises to guide you through it all for a taste of real Hawaii. And we mean that literally, too—the travel blog comes stacked with recommendations on the best foods and restaurants to try for a truly ono-licious Hawaii trip. 

Prepare for sun, sand, and surf on what many argue is the best island for first-time visitors to Hawaii. And by the time your trip ends, you’ll be walking the valleys and coasts like a local. The best of the real Oahu awaits, thanks to the Best of Oahu.

4. Pride of Maui

Between its sun and the sea, Maui has a lot to be proud of. While the Pride of Maui is an aptly-named catamaran for exploring the oceans around Maui, those wishing to discover the Valley Isle’s most prized treasures above and below the water’s surface can dive headfirst into the Pride of Maui travel blog. 

The Pride of Maui will treat you to your first warm Aloha to the Valley Isle. The extensive Hawaii travel blog covers everything you need to know about visiting Maui, whether it’s your first visit or your fifth. Discover the best places to eat, shop, and have fun in the sand on this unique Hawaiian Island. 

You’re not taking the word of just any travel writer, either. With local guides sharing their recommendations, you can find classic Hawaii favorites alongside hidden gems. The site is easy to navigate, so you can quickly find answers about where to eat and what to do. You can even find information on Maui-made products and how to support local businesses during your trip.

Everyone talks about Maui’s sunny shores, golden coasts, and warm waters for a good reason. But, whether you start your adventure on land or sea, Pride of Maui takes future visitors on a unique foray into paradise above and below the water’s surface. 

5. Love Big Island

Like a call to action, Love Big Island entreats those planning a Hawaii visit to fall in love. Indeed, travelers will have a hard time resisting the beauty and magic of the Big Island. Still, they may find themselves a bit overwhelmed by its many wonders, from erupting volcanoes to snow-capped mountains and bubbling hot springs. 

Thankfully, Love Big Island doesn’t leave its visitors floundering as those to the Big Island’s shore may find themselves. Instead, the travel blog takes a hands-on approach to help visitors conquer the Island of Hawaii. Heavy on the details, the blog provides travel tips, fun outings, and carefully organized itineraries to level up your trip planning. You can also meander around the site to pick up interesting bits of knowledge about Hawaii’s youngest and largest island. Fall into the myths surrounding the fiery goddess Pele and learn the facts that explain why Hawaii’s only green sand beach is green in the first place.

Because the Big Island is a popular gateway to the other major Hawaiian Islands, Love Big Island also prepares you with full itineraries to visit multiple islands or just drop in and see some of the highlights.

Travelers to the Big Island can and will fall in love with the volcanic rock, black sand beaches, and massive peaks. But even before setting foot on the Big Island, future visitors can fall head over heels for the Island of Hawaii thanks to Love Big Island. 

6. Kauai Travel Blog

Kauai looks and feels like an undiscovered paradise to many intrepid explorers. However, old hats to Kauai’s charm have paved the way for an island experience unlike any other. Whether you’re a planner or a last-minute adventurer, the Kauai Travel Blog will help you achieve the vacation of your dreams on the Garden Isle. 

With deep dives into Kauai’s must-see spots, hiking trails, and coasts, you’ll know where to go for the best sunshine or climb of your life. Even if you hate planning and just like doing, the Kauai Travel Blog is still beneficial. The blog has an entire page dedicated to updates covering recent closures and openings on the island, including for Kauai’s beautiful but temperamental north shore. 

You don’t have to get lost to lose yourself in Kauai’s stunning beauty, and Kauai Travel Blog will ensure you stay surefooted every step of the way.

The Best Blogs for Hawaii Travel Tips

Often, the standard Hawaii travel blogs will gloss over more niche aspects of travel, like singling out the true taste of Hawaii or highlighting the best places to go with a family of little ones. Luckily, these Hawaii travel blogs pick up the slack.

7. Onolicious Hawaii

A taste of real Hawaii starts with the food. One of the biggest don’ts with eating in Hawaii is restricting your meals to the big chain restaurants. Instead, you can kiss the same old goodbye with Onolicious Hawaii. Started by a local Oahuan, Onolicious Hawaii offers visitors a taste of the good life with eating guides on the best restaurants in Maui, Waikiki, and Honolulu. 

The blog is run and written by Kathy, who grew up in Honolulu. Consequently, the recommendations mainly center around restaurants and food places in Oahu. However, you’ll find suggestions for spots on the Big Island, Maui, and Kauai sprinkled throughout. 

On top of restaurant recommendations, readers of Onolicious Hawaii can find explanations of popular Hawaiian food and even try to recreate classic Hawaiian dishes.

With its exciting fusion of Hawaiian, Asian, and American cuisine, the flavors of Hawaii are broad and diverse. By the end of your trip, Onolicious Hawaii endeavors to have you saying Aloha—as in goodbye—to the islands with a full belly and a happy heart.

8. Aloha with Love

The spirit of Aloha touches everyone who lives on and visits the islands and follows long after you leave. This is what Amy, the creator behind the travel blog, Aloha with Love, discovered when she left Hawaii for the first time. And after returning and playing tour guide to her friends, Amy decided to write down her experiences of living and exploring the Hawaiian Islands. 

Thus, the “Hawaii blog by a local girl” was born. Aloha with Love offers a local’s guide to visiting Hawaii, planning your trip, and picking the best activities on any island, whether it’s visiting staples like Hawaii’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island or exploring the world’s highest sea cliffs in Molokai. 

And for those interested in a bit of Hawaii living, Amy offers a glimpse into what it’s all about, from days spent in her garden to evenings at the Night Market. Amy shows visitors what Hawaii is like through the eyes of a local.

9. Hawaii Family Life

Traveling with your family isn’t always easy. As much as you love the memories you build together as a family, getting to those memorable highlights can be a bit of trial and error for many, especially when navigating Hawaii’s shifting landscapes. 

While supposed guidebooks and experts will label different beaches and hiking trails kid-friendly, the reality can look very different on paper, with “easy” trails turning out to be all too rugged terrain for little legs and swimmable beaches showcasing rough waves. That doesn’t mean you have to stick to the city, though. Just find a Hawaii travel blog that knows what it’s talking about regarding family travel. For that, Hawaii Family Life has parents’ backs. 

Parents taking their families to Hawaii will appreciate the down-to-earth real talk of Hawaii Family Life. Dive deep with travel guides for navigating the islands with kids, tips for the best reef-safe sunscreens to use, and tours and activities the whole family can enjoy, no matter if they’re three years old or thirteen.  

From one family to another, Hawaii Family Life paints a clear picture of your Hawaii family vacation.

10. Hawaii Travel Spot

Nervous about traveling solo to the Hawaiian Islands? Don’t be. While Hawaii isn’t necessarily known as the land of solo adventurers, it’s the perfect place to dive out of your comfort zone and into some spectacularly warm—and friendly—waters. 

Hawaii is one of the safest places to travel in the US, making it a no-brainer choice for your next solo adventure or your first. But if you’re not 100 percent convinced about going solo, consider Hawaii Travel Spot your trusty trip buddy. Even the most experienced solo travelers need a hand every now and then. So, if you need tips on safety, which islands to visit, or places to stay for any budget, Hawaii Travel Spot has your back. The comprehensive guide for solo travelers covers the basics, but if you need more info on getting around the islands, the biggest mistakes to avoid, and other helpful tips, this travel blog gives you a 360-degree view of what travel looks like in Hawaii.

Despite its appearance, Hawaii doesn’t have to be only for family vacationers or couple getaway-ers. Hawaii is a land for everyone to enjoy and the perfect place for the solo trip of a lifetime. 

Next Vacay Will Take You from the Travel Blogs to Traveling

Next Vacay isn’t just for learning more about the Hawaiian Islands. It can also help you get there for cheaper. Paired with amazing flight deals to the Gathering Place, the Garden Isle, and more, Next Vacay enables you to make your Hawaii vacation stress-free before you’ve even stepped foot on its sandy shores.

So, don’t wait to make your Hawaii plans a reality. Live the dream with Next Vacay!

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