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Complete Guide to Kualoa Ranch: Hawaii’s Jurassic Park

“Welcome to Jurassic Park.” These four words first sparked magic and awe in 1993. Although decades have passed, not much has changed. That’s because movies are the place where the unbelievable lives. And while the world of living, breathing dinosaurs only exists on the screen, the world of Jurassic Park is real enough to touch. Nestled against the east coast of Oahu, Hawaii’s Jurassic Park keeps the magic of the silver screen alive. Paired with gorgeous views, endless fun, and the rich culture of Hawaii, you’ll go for the dinosaurs and leave with incredible memories of beauty, laughter, and ​​Mālama.

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What Is Kualoa Ranch?

The Kualoa Ranch is a nature preserve and working cattle ranch that spans over 4,000 acres of private land on Oahu’s east shore. While not many people know it by name, they almost certainly know it by sight. A peek at the verdant grounds and lush valleys of Kualoa Ranch will undoubtedly stir up memories. Whether they’re of the ‘93 classic Jurassic Park or several other films and TV series dating back decades, Jurassic Valley has made a name for itself. 

However, while Kualoa Ranch in Hawaii stands out as the infamous but fictional Jurassic Park, it’s very much real. And while it serves as a famous filming location for movies needing a little Hawaii magic, that’s far from all that goes on here. On top of its films, farm, and ranch setting, Kualoa Ranch also doubles as an adventure park. And while you can enjoy the scenic park and souvenir shop for free, the bevy of activities and tours make it one of the most popular attractions in Oahu.

13 Experiences You Won’t Want to Miss at Jurassic Park Hawaii

The magic of Kualoa Ranch extends far beyond film to curate real-world experiences. Some are entangled in the world of Jurassic Park, while others highlight Hawaii’s beauty. From nature excursions to animal encounters, the Jurassic Park Hawaii tours at Kualoa Ranch offer one extraordinary experience after another and memories to last a lifetime.

1. Jurassic Adventure Tour

Behind the glow of the silver screen, the fictional world of Jurassic Park becomes a little more tangible thanks to Hawaii. Within the very real setting of Ka’a’awa Valley, movies like Jurassic Park and Jurassic World come to life. The Jurassic Adventure Tour takes guests on an in-depth exploration of it. 

Not unlike the jeep scene in the first movie, guests bundle into open-air trucks and journey through the land of Jurassic Park. The tour covers popular areas featured in three major films: Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Guests get to visit both Hakipu’u and Ka’a’awa Valleys, the latter of which is often referred to as Jurassic Valley. 

While dinosaurs hog the on-screen spotlight, the backdrops put in the legwork to make them truly shine. The Jurassic Park tour highlights the incredible sets and gorgeous scenery that make visiting Jurassic Park Hawaii as unreal as the movies. So, be sure to have your camera ready for the stunning views and familiar sights that brought a fanciful story about dinosaurs to life as only Hawaii could have.

2. UTV Raptor Tour

Unsurprisingly, the most popular tour at Kualoa Ranch has the most adventurous feel. Unfortunately, the raptor in the title doesn’t refer to the famous Jurassic Park dinosaurs, but it’s still a pretty wild ride through beautiful Hawaii.

Prepare to get down and dirty on this ATV tour as you follow your guide through Jurassic Valley. Or, make your own way over dusty trails and muddy streams to remote areas overlooked only by the Ko’olau Mountains. Guided tours offer fascinating stories and fun facts about the valley and filming scenes, while self-guided tours are perfect for taking as many stops as you want to drink in the stunning views. The famous filming locations, breathtaking rainforest waterfalls, and jaw-dropping mountain views will cement this as a favorite Hawaii memory.

3. Hollywood Movie Sites Tour

Kualoa Ranch is called Jurassic Park, or Jurassic Valley, for a good reason. The sweeping scenery immediately calls to mind iconic shots from one of the most recognizable films ever. But Jurassic Park and Jurassic World were hardly the only movies to film at Kualoa Ranch (though they are the highest-grossing). 

Since the 1950s, Kualoa Ranch has played backdrop to over 200 movies and TV series. Lovers of both cinema and Hawaii’s natural beauty will enjoy the Hollywood Movie Sites tour. While Jurassic Park features heavily, the tour advances its scope beyond the lens of dinosaurs to focus on sets and memorabilia from the many other films and TV series shot at Kualoa Ranch, from giant Godzilla footprints to the bone-filled graveyard featured in Kong: Skull Island. The tour also includes background on interesting ranch features like the military bunker built there in 1944. Now a “movie” museum, the bunker still serves a more functional purpose, sheltering people during emergencies.

4. Jurassic Valley Zipline

Up close Jurassic Park encounters are all well and good, but there’s nothing quite like taking in the beauty of Hawaii from a birds-eye view. For that, the Jurassic Valley Zipline awaits. Journey to the top of Ka’a’awa Valley, where the real adventure begins. Seven tandem ziplines and two suspension bridges dangle over the rainforest below. Guests are then deposited into the heart of the forest for short but enjoyable jungle hikes. The ziplines pair fun with education, as guests learn about Hawaiian culture and traditions as they fly through the sky. Even if you’re new to ziplining, you only need a bit of courage to take your first step. The helpful staff at the Kualoa Ranch will take care of the rest.

5. E-Bike Tour

From zipping through the air to zipping over the ground, the e-bike tour at Jurassic Park will leave you feeling like you’re flying. For those interested in getting face-to-face with as much of the park as possible, don your helmets, and get ready to pedal as you adventure into the valleys on this e-bike tour.

Whether it’s your first time on an e-bike or your one-hundredth time, Kualoa Ranch has the perfect experience for you. Beginner bikers can breeze along six miles of roads and trails through Kualoa and Ka’a’awa valleys, getting a slight boost when needed from the bike’s electric motor. Meanwhile, more advanced bikers can opt for a more challenging course. The experienced tour traverses nine and a half miles through more demanding and varied terrain. Ultimately, both options treat visitors to spectacular views of the valley and the ocean, with stops for photo ops and knowledgeable guides to impart the history of Kualoa Ranch and share stories about the infamous Jurassic Park Hawaii. 

6. Ocean Voyage Adventure

Bid the shore bon voyage on this exciting journey across an ancient Hawaiian fishpond to the stunning Kaneohe Bay. Situated on Oahu’s east coast, Kualoa Ranch isn’t all valleys and rainforests. Stunning aquaculture and picturesque waves exist here too. On this Jurassic Park tour, guests briefly peek into Hawaii’s ancient fish farming practices as they journey over the 800-year-old Moli’i fishpond before arriving at Secret Island Beach. From there, it’s all aboard a catamaran for a more extended tour of the bay and its abundant marine life, including spinner dolphins and green sea turtles. With incredible views every way you turn, you’re bound to fall even more in love with the sea on this ocean voyage.

7. Secret Island Beach Adventure

No matter where you go, staying away from Hawaii’s sun-kissed coasts can be hard. So, you shouldn’t have to. The Secret Island Beach Adventure whisks away visitors to Kualoa Ranch and deposits them on an idyllic stretch of shore along Kaneohe Bay. It’s the perfect spot for relaxing, swinging in a hammock between two swaying palm trees, or spreading out to enjoy a scenic picnic—you can even bring your own coolers. 

Guests will also find supplies for fun beach activities, from volleyball to horseshoes, and even more out on the water. Kaneohe Bay is one of the best kayaking spots in Oahu, and the calm waters make for an excellent swim. Guests can elect for a morning or evening visit or while away a whole day under a gorgeous Oahu sun.

8. Jungle Jeep Expedition

Welcome to the Jungle. The tagline is fitting for this open-air jungle expedition tour into the Hakipu’u rainforest. Hop aboard a custom-built jungle jeep and venture into the lush and magical world of the Ka’a’awa Valley. Home to plenty of iconic film sites, the verdant grounds, steep hills, and flowing streams will call to mind scenes from a slew of blockbuster hits like Jumanji, Jurassic World, and Kong: Skull Island

But this Kualoa Ranch tour isn’t all about the movies. In addition, guests take a deep dive into old Hawaiian culture and traditions and get to bask in the beauty of the jungle with a short hike to a scenic lookout over the Ka’a’awa and Hakipu’u valleys. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

9. Horseback Walking Tour

Saddle up and get ready to ride on this unique Jurassic Park Hawaii excursion. Of course, Kualoa Ranch wouldn’t be a true ranch without the presence of its majestic horses, and on this tour, they’re paired with an exciting journey into the nature reserve. 

The two-hour walking tour allows guests to feel like a Hawaiian cowboy, viewing the valley from horseback as they trek along the gorgeous trails and dense forest of Jurassic Valley. There are few better ways to appreciate the natural beauty of this place than on these horseback tours with one of nature’s most beautiful animals. 

Note: For safety reasons, tour guides sometimes may not allow guests off horses to take photos.

10. Kualoa Half-Day Tours

Those looking for the best of both worlds need to look no further than the half-day tour at Kualoa Ranch. The tour takes guests on a sweeping journey from the mountainous valleys to the sea-hugging shores. The result is a breathtaking display of Hawaii’s most captivating attributes: verdant forests and sparkling ocean waters. 

First, visitors are spirited away on the Hollywood Movie Sites Tour, reliving the magic of the big screen as they visit filming locations and retrace the steps of their favorite movie characters. Then, it’s off to the bay for the second part of the experience. The Ocean Voyage includes a fascinating journey into history as guests travel over an 800-year-old Hawaiian fishpond before catching a catamaran at Secret Island to sail around the breathtaking Kaneohe Bay. It’s the perfect pairing of land and sea for those that don’t wish to choose.

11. Aloha Aina Farm Tour

Glimpse living history with the Aloha Aina Farm Tour. Hundreds of years ago, ancient Hawaiians developed sustainable ways to farm fish, creating hundreds of aquaculture wonders like the Moli’i Fishpond. Today, guests of the Kualoa Ranch can visit one of Hawaii’s oldest and best-preserved fishponds to learn more about the valley’s history and ancient Hawaiian farm practices. 

Alongside the peek into ancient Hawaii, visitors are treated to a tour of Kualoa Farm. The experience dives into sustainability and traditional farming with an opportunity to taste-test some of the farm’s fresh produce! Traveling by trolley along the scenic shores of the fishpond, this Kualoa tour is the perfect blend to encapsulate the importance of preservation in a place where visitors can most keenly grasp its significance.

12. Best of Kualoa Package

The best of the best for Jurassic Valley tours is the Best of Kualoa Package. Providing what the Kualoa Ranch refers to as the total experience, guests enjoy three 90-minute outings—movie sites, jungle expedition, and Aloha Aina Farm—for a highlights reel of the best features at Jurassic Park Hawaii. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper tour without a peek into the world of Jurassic Park. From movie sites to jungle dives, guests receive a firsthand look at the setting for so much movie magic before moving on to ancient Hawaii’s real-life magic and wonder. This wouldn’t be Kualoa’s best experience package if it didn’t include the vibrant stories of the native Hawaiians who are to thank for the beauty of the present-day valley.

Combining multiple tours, the Best of Kualoa Package guarantees guests a 360-degree experience of Hawaii’s most beautiful and iconic valleys.  

13. ​​Mālama Experience

The Hawaiian word ​​Mālama means to “take care, preserve, and protect.” So the word is fitting for this Kualoa Ranch experience that highlights the importance of caring for the land and practicing sustainability. Guests can enjoy the open air and splendor of the valley while learning more about ​​Mālama Āina with a hands-on approach to caring for and harvesting medicinal plants and taro or helping to thatch traditional Hawaiian hale (grass huts).

As overtourism begins to affect Hawaii more and more, this Kualoa Ranch tour gives visitors a chance to give back during their visit to Hawaii by allowing them to leave the island better than they found it.

Is Jurassic Park Oahu Worth It?

Jurassic Park Hawaii is more than worth the price of admission, which—if you’re not visiting on tour—is entirely free. But, while the tours aren’t exactly cheap, exploring the valleys and rainforests of Jurassic Valley are a fun, scenic, and unforgettable experience you can’t miss on your trip to Oahu.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Jurassic Park in Hawaii?

While Jurassic Park Hawaii doesn’t have any real dinosaurs on display, this can only mean good things for your wallet. Tours range from $52 to $250, with guests enjoying movie sites, ziplining, and ocean voyages or a combination of multiple packages for an all-day experience at Jurassic Park Hawaii.

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