How Much Does a Vacation Cost? The Average Cost of 12 Amazing Travel Destinations

Exploring the world, seeing unique places, making friends, and having fantastic experiences. None of these things sound like they should come with a price tag. The unfortunate truth is that they do, and sometimes, a quite hefty one too. Now, don’t get us wrong, you can still plan an unforgettable trip no matter the average vacation cost. 

But once you start to get the travel itch, it’s time to begin crunching numbers and scouting destinations for the perfect fit. 

So, just how much does a vacation cost? We’ve got the numbers for some of the world’s most popular destinations for you right here!

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What Does the Average Vacation Cost?

The average cost of a domestic vacation is $1,550 for a solo traveler, while the average cost of an international trip is $2,300.

These numbers come with caveats, though. You won’t find a one-size-fits-all answer for this question as spending differs based on the destination, traveler, and time of year. 

A summer vacation will automatically be more expensive than a getaway in the spring or fall. 

Travel style also plays a big role when you go over the breakdown of vacation expenses. And the spending habits of a solo traveler with more flexibility will differ significantly from a family, so it’s no surprise families spend their vacation budget differently.

But having a ballpark estimate of what to expect can help you budget accordingly and keep you from incurring the worst expense of all on vacation: debt.

Now, before you throw out your plans for a European getaway and replace them with a more frugal road trip—or simply decide to postpone your next vacation indefinitely—remember you can still plan the trip of your dreams on a budget.

The first step to planning a good trip is figuring out your estimated costs and devising a budget. So, let’s get into some popular vacation destinations to sort out the kind of price tags we’re looking at.

1. How Much Does a Vacation to Hawaii Cost? 

Planning the perfect Hawaiian getaway? You’ll want to make sure you budget accordingly. The average cost of a 7-day vacation to Hawaii is around $2,525 for a solo traveler. That number grows to $4,091 for a couple, while a family of four can plan to budget $6,875.

Hawaii is on many dream vacation bucket lists for a good reason. It feels like a whole different world, and it’s one of the most exotic getaways Americans can get to without requiring a passport. 

Unfortunately, paradise comes with a price tag to match, as traveling to Hawaii gets a bit more expensive than your average domestic trip around the continental US. 

Here’s a handy breakdown of vacation costs to expect:

  • Airfare = $670 round trip 
  • Rental Car = $75 a day + parking + park entrance fees
  • Food/Dining = $60 + tip
  • Accommodations = $150 a night 
  • Activities = $20 a day

You can always shave some of these expenses down by getting a good deal or opting out of the more expensive options.

Hotels in Hawaii have always been pricey, and have only gotten more expensive in recent years, so a vacation rental might be a better and cheaper option if you’re traveling with your family.

As a solo traveler, hostels and camper vans might be more affordable than a hotel room for one. 

If you plan your trip to Oahu, you may be able to save money by skipping the car rental and using the bus system instead, with a $5/daily fare and bus routes all over the island.

When it comes to vacation costs, the numbers are never set in stone. You can always take advantage of big and small ways to save.

To start, check out our guide to budgeting for your island vacay for great tips and the best island for your budget!

2. How Much Does a Disney Vacation Cost?

The ultimate family vacation begins with the Big Mouse himself. The average cost of a vacation to Disney is $4,786 for a family of four. 

But whether you’re looking to make your dreams come true amid the wonder of Fantasyland or the Magic Kingdom, creating a budget is key to a worry-free getaway.

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is a fan favorite among domestic trips for family vacations. 

While not the cheapest destination spot around, you could arguably do a lot worse. On a 4-day vacation to Disney World, the average person spends $1,984, while most families spend $4,693 for four people.

Here’s a breakdown of what you should put away for your Disney World vacation budget:

  • Airfare = $300 round trip
  • Rental Car = $60 a day
  • Food/Dining = $86 (adult) and $34 (child) a day
  • Disney Property = $267 a night
  • Theme Park Tickets = $134 (adult) and $129 (child) per ticket

The average hotel price at a Disney property falls between $200-$400 a night, so a quick solution for saving money on a Disney trip is to stay at a non-Disney property. 

Vacation rentals in Orlando are much cheaper throughout the year, and parking fees at Disney’s theme parks come in at just $25/day per day for a standard vehicle.

Disney World also offers several tiers of dining plans, but you can save money on food costs by foregoing the prepaid plan and eating outside of the resorts/parks or making meals at your rental.

You can’t do much about the ticket prices aside from trying to visit out of season when they may be cheaper. But scouting out good deals on hotel rooms and flight prices can help you save big bucks while visiting everyone’s favorite mouse.


Disneyland is the smaller—but no less impressive—Disney park on the west coast. For this Californian adventure, families can expect to spend around $4,880 for a 4-day trip. 

While that price is a tad bit higher than Disney World, primarily due to fewer and pricier Disney hotels in the area, it won’t cost you too much more if you plan to take the family on a Disney getaway to California. 

  • Airfare = $250 round trip 
  • Rental Car = $60 a day
  • Food/Dining = $45 a day
  • Disney Property = $400 a night 
  • Theme Park Tickets = $138 (adult) and $125 (child) per ticket

Unlike its Florida counterpart, Disneyland does not offer dining plans, so you’ll have to settle for planning your own meals, which allows you more freedom when you want to conserve your budget or spend lavishly on dining options.

As mentioned above, Disney properties are even more expensive than in Orlando. Don’t even get us started on luxury hotel room prices. Seriously consider booking a hotel room at an unrelated resort, and you could end up saving a couple of hundred dollars!

3. How Much Does a Vacation to Bora Bora Cost?

If you want to plan a getaway to Bora Bora, it will cost you a pretty penny—or several. The average person traveling solo can expect to spend around $2,660 for a week in Bora Bora, or about $180 a day, with an average flight price of roughly $1,400.

Why so expensive? 

This remote island getaway comes with some higher than average vacation costs. Specifically, your transportation costs will be much higher than they are for other popular destinations.

From the east coast, flying to Bora Bora requires a stop on the west coast first. Then, you’ll have to make another stop in Tahiti, where all travelers have to board a separate, smaller plane for the final leg of the journey to Bora Bora. Suffice to say, all this flying bumps up the price of airline tickets, so expect the majority of your budget to go toward transportation costs. 

Thankfully, you won’t find that the same is true on the islands, and a good time doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money.

  • Airfare = $1,400 round trip
  • Transportation = $60 a day
  • Food/Dining = $40 + drinks ($8+ for beer and cocktails)
  • Accommodations = $70 a night
  • Activities = $18 a day

Tipping isn’t common practice in Bora Bora, so you won’t have to figure it into your daily expenses.

Depending on how you spend your days, you may find your average vacation costs lower or higher. Relaxing on the beach doesn’t cost a cent, while you might be looking at roughly $80 for a half-day excursion. 

Bora Bora is quite small as well, so you may find you don’t spend much on local transportation if you spend most days near your lodgings and only venture out one or two days of your trip.

4. How Much Does a Dude Ranch Vacation Cost?

A dude ranch is the perfect all-inclusive experience for a family vacation. An opportunity to explore the great outdoors without worrying about sticking to a budget. For that kind of stress-free, outdoor getaway, a family of four can expect to shell out $8,000 for a 7-day, all-inclusive stay.

Prices vary between dude ranches, with options ranging from the affordable to the luxurious. 

As the term all-inclusive suggests, most dude ranches include lodging costs, three meals a day, horseback riding, tours, and other outdoor activities. So, the items you would normally have to budget for per person are all covered under your stay.

Another benefit to dude ranches in the US is domestic travel costs, with an average cost of $291 for a round-trip domestic flight. If you’re close enough to plan a road trip to your destination, even better, as you’ll be able to cut out the cost of flying entirely.

5. How Much Does a Vacation to Peru Cost?

A land of adventure, Peru offers some amazing sights, from the heights of Machu Picchu to the depths of the Amazon Rainforest. If you’re planning an adventure of your own, you’ll need to budget accordingly. The average person spends about $1,700 during a week-long vacation in Peru. 

  • Airfare = $650 round trip
  • Transportation = $10 a day
  • Food/Dining = $25 (including drinks) a day
  • Accommodations = $70 a night
  • Activities = $40 a day

Overall, travel to Peru isn’t very expensive. While average flight prices come in at around $650, you can easily cut this vacation cost down if you fly out of a big city like Chicago or an airport in southern Florida, like Miami. Flight deals and miles can also decrease this price to the point you’re spending under $400 per person on a round-trip flight.

Food and drinks are inexpensive in Peru compared to the US, so you’ll likely find yourself spending the smallest portion of your budget on meals.

Meanwhile, lodgings can vary significantly, depending on if you want a budget to mid-level stay. You can book a hostel for as little as $10 for a dorm or $25 for a private room, while the price for a boutique hotel will fall around $75 per night. The average cost of a tour varies as well, with experiences ranging from $38 to $485 per person for places like Rainbow Mountain or Machu Picchu.

As for getting around, rental cars are easy enough to come by. However, most travelers recommend utilizing public transport. Bus tickets and taxis are fairly cheap, as are domestic flights in Peru.

6. How Much Does a Maldives Vacation Cost?

Suppose you’re looking to spoil yourself with a vacation in the tropics. The Maldives is a dream destination, perfect for solo travelers and couples looking to pamper themselves in paradise. The average price of a Maldives getaway is $3,100 for a single traveler or $5,070 for a couple.

  • Airfare = $1,000 round trip
  • Transportation = $30 a day
  • Food/Dining = $60 a day
  • Accommodations = $150 a night
  • Activities = $60 a day

The estimated cost of flights to the Maldives varies greatly. You could score a great deal that brings the price for airline tickets under $1000. However, unlike places such as Tahiti and Hawaii, which frequently see flight deals, price drops to Malé aren’t nearly so common. 

The average hotel price in the Maldives is $150 a night, but vacation rentals are becoming more popular. You can nab one for as little as $50 a night, so that’s one way to cut down on your average daily cost if needed.

The price of activities also differs based on whether you do it locally or through a resort, the latter being the more expensive option. If you plan only 3-4 activities during your vacation without doing it through the resort, you’ll undoubtedly save money.

7. How Much Does a Vacation to Thailand Cost?

How much money does the average person spend in Thailand? The answer is not much! Thailand is one of the most budget-friendly places you can travel to, where the average cost of a week-long trip is just $868 for a single traveler and $1,419 for a couple.

Unfortunately, airfare does drive up the total vacation costs, with the average cost of plane tickets to Thailand sitting around $800 round trip. 

However, flying out of a major airport for a lower price or finding a great deal can help cut this cost by a few hundred dollars.

  • Airfare = $800 round trip
  • Transportation = $30 a day
  • Food/Dining = $14 a day
  • Drinks (Bottled Water) = $2 a day
  • Accommodations = $45 a night
  • Activities = $33 a day

As for your remaining travel expenses, alcoholic beverages are often the most expensive item in Thailand, so it helps to drink your alcohol locally or sparingly. Tap water isn’t safe to drink, but the average cost of a 1.5-liter bottle of drinking water is less than $0.50, so you can stay hydrated for cheap.

As for dining options, you’ll find open-air restaurants and street vendors to be the cheapest. On the upside, they’re also where you’ll find some of the tastiest dishes of your trip!

Lodgings in Thailand range from $5 for a single bed in a hostel to a $500 hotel stay with a private pool. However, you can also opt for a more authentic Thailand experience with a beach bungalow for less than your average accommodation cost. 

Wherever you prefer to stay, Thailand makes it easy to keep your vacation budget while having a great time exploring this quirky country.

8. How Much Does a Ski Vacation Cost?

The price of a winter retreat isn’t cheap, not by a long shot. The average vacation cost for a family of four’s five-day winter getaway is $6,475. While actual prices may vary depending on your destination and other factors, you’ll find it beneficial to budget ahead.

A day on the slopes may be gleaming white snow and a face full of fresh powder, but the bill at the end of the day will be anything but.

  • Airfare = $300 round trip
  • Rental Car = $60 a day
  • Food/Dining = $40 a day
  • Accommodations = $200 a night
  • Activities = $15 a day
  • Ski Rental/Lifts = $140 a day

While the ski gear rentals and lifts will be the most expensive part of your trip, airfare and a rental car take up a fair amount as well. 

If your destination is close enough to drive, this may be one journey you decide to road trip to save some extra cash. Or, look for deals on flights and car rentals, and you may score some savings by booking them together with your lodgings. 

As for your equipment rentals, you may be able to find some discounts for younger children to help you cut down costs on these expenses.

9. How Much Does a Vacation in Paris Cost?

Paris is the quintessential French vacation destination. Even during the pandemic, it enticed large numbers of travelers to a visit. While a vacation here isn’t cheap, it’s more than feasible to plan the trip of a lifetime here, with the average cost for a solo traveler around $2,470.

A couple should budget their vacation costs for around $3,960, while the average cost for a family of four will be about $7,040.

If that price seems a bit steep for your next family vacation, the good news is that, as with all holidays, the actual cost will vary depending on your travel style. However, it helps to know where to start, and this breakdown should give you a good idea:

  • Airfare = $650 round trip
  • Transportation = $20 a day
  • Food/Dining = $45 a day
  • Accommodations = $140 a night 
  • Activities = $55 a day

The beauty of most major cities is that they’re fairly easy to get around, and this will be even more true for your European vacation. Paris has plenty of local transportation options, including buses, trams, and a metro system that are all reasonably affordable. 

You can also reduce your vacation expenses by traveling out of peak season. Winter sees the most significant price drops, but spring and fall are also more budget-conscious.

Paris is also full of free parks and museums, and it doesn’t cost a penny to snap a shot of the Eiffel Tower or lounge on the lawn of the Sacré-Coeur and enjoy the view. If you plan your activities right, you can undoubtedly head to Paris with a much smaller budget.

10. How Much Does a New York City Vacation Cost?

New York City is always a big name for travel, drawing everyone from big spenders to thrifty savers. If you’re planning your next trip for the Big Apple, the average cost of a vacation here will land around $1,880 for a 7-day trip.

Though, if you can only squeeze in a quick 3-day weekend, you can plan to spend less than a thousand easily. 

  • Airfare = $200 round trip
  • Transportation = $20 a day
  • Food/Dining = $50 a day
  • Accommodations = $140 a night
  • Activities = $30 a day

Another grand city, transportation around NYC is fairly inexpensive if you skip the taxis and purchase a metro card instead. A 7-day pass is only $33. 

Another thrifty idea is to look for places to eat and sleep outside the bustling center of Manhattan, where meal prices and accommodation costs are usually higher.

The City That Never Sleeps might keep you up at night, but don’t let it be because of budget worries!

11. How Much ​​Does a Vacation to Puerto Rico Cost?

Puerto Rico is another island gem that US citizens don’t need a passport to visit. With cheaper flights than Hawaii, you may find yourself planning your next island getaway here, where the average vacation cost is just $1,784 for one person.

  • Airfare = $300 round trip
  • Transportation = $30 a day
  • Food/Dining = $35 a day
  • Accommodations = $110 a night 
  • Activities = $37 a day

Airfare is one way to score big here, as Puerto Rico sees frequent deals from cities all across the country. If you’re visiting outside of winter—which is the peak season for tourism—March to June is a great time to score lower prices for flights and hotels.

Rental cars are a bit more expensive than daily transportation costs at around $60/day. However, a car rental isn’t necessary if you’re staying in San Juan, as the local transportation is good enough to get around. 

However, for exploring more of the island or getting around with the family more easily, car rentals might be the way to go.

12. How Much Does a Myrtle Beach Vacation Cost?

Myrtle Beach has become a prime beach destination, and if you’ve set your sights here for your next vacation, it’ll help to know what you’re getting into. The average vacation cost for a single traveler is $2,015 for a week-long trip.

But if you can swing turning this vacay into a road trip, you’re in for a pleasant surprise! 

  • Airfare = $300 round trip
  • Rental Car = $55 a day
  • Food/Dining = $45 a day
  • Accommodations = $110 a night 
  • Activities = $35 a day

Between flying in and renting a car, you’re taking up a significant portion of your budget. Meanwhile, if you drive into town, you’ll save over a third of your budget, which will more than cover gas costs and parking fees with plenty left over. 

Overall, Myrtle Beach is not a super expensive getaway, and many of its highlights, from lounging on the beach to strolling along the boardwalk, are 100% free.

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