Best Vacation Spots for Couples: 12 Romantic Destinations to Enjoy with Your Partner

When picking the perfect place for a couple’s vacation, there are few ways to go wrong. As the saying goes, it’s not about where you’re going but who you’re with, and you can find fun places for couples to travel everywhere.

That said, it helps to know where to start. You don’t have to travel halfway around the world for a romantic getaway spot. You just need to pick the right destination for you and your partner.

So, to help you on your journey to romantic bliss, here are 12 incredibly romantic and fun places to plan your next unforgettable getaway.

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1. Kauai, Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands are among both the best vacation spots and the most fun places couples can travel to in the US. Specifically, Kauai stands out as a paradise of natural beauty for the adventurous couple to make a romantic getaway. 

It is called the Garden Isle, after all!

State parks dot this island landscape, rich with verdant forests and hidden treasures. So, grab your partner and hike hand in hand to some of the most beautiful spots you’ll ever lay eyes on. 

Wind your way through the Kalalau Valley and take in the magnificent views of the largest valley on the island. Stay for a magical Kauai sunset in the evening and watch from Kalalau Lookout as the valley transforms.

Enjoy the water and sand at Anini Beach and Hanalei Bay. In addition, Kauapea Beach, also known as Secret Beach, will unveil an intimate experience as one of the island’s most secluded areas. 

This island always has more to uncover. So, explore while kayaking along the Wailua River, snorkeling off the coast, or horseback riding through the forests.

After a long day of excitement, you can take it easy dining on fresh Hawaiian seafood. There’s nothing better than relaxing with a drink in hand as you take in more spectacular ocean views from the open windows of Kauai’s finest restaurants. Or enjoy a couple’s spa experience to rejuvenate your body—and get you ready for another day of fun exploration.

Best Time of Year to Visit

The best time to visit Kauai is in late spring (mid-April to early June) or early fall (September to mid-November). Take advantage of the pleasant weather, small crowds, and sharpest price drops.

Type of Vacay

Adventure: A romantic getaway to Kauai is best for daring and outdoorsy couples.

2. Disney World, Orlando

What better spot is there for a romantic getaway than the most magical place on earth? 

Disney earned its reputation as the place where dreams come true for kids, but we argue its magic only gets sweeter as you get older.

You’ll find enchantment and memories everywhere you look. Share kisses in front of Cinderella’s Castle and meatballs at Tony’s Restaurant—the spot where Lady and the Tramp dine on spaghetti.

Even if you’re not big into Disney, you’ll find plenty to bring out your inner child and indulge in romance. 

Dress up to dine at Victoria and Albert’s for a memorable evening. Or, for a no-less special occasion, have a five-course meal on Highway in the Sky Dine Around via monorail. After, take a romantic stroll along the Disney Boardwalk and dance through the night at Atlantic Dance Hall. 

And you can’t forget the fantastic fireworks displays Disney puts on daily for its guests. View them from the park or book a Fireworks Cruise and enjoy a night you’re sure to remember for years.

Best Time of Year to Visit

The absolute best time for couples to have fun and travel to Disney and surrounding places is in September. 

Or, plan your visit anytime from March to May for the most pleasant weather. Depending on when you book, crowds range from average to high in these months.

Type of Vacay

Play: A trip to Disney Orlando is best for couples looking to have a good time. Mix the romance of date nights with the fun and enchantment of Disney’s theme parks. 

3. Alsace Region, France

The romanticism of France spans far and wide, from the city of Paris to its famed wine regions, sprawling countrysides, and vibrant towns filled with a mix of European cultures. 

If you travel outside of Paris, the Alsace region is one of the best places for a fun couples getaway.

Far from an action-packed adventure, Alsace is perfect for relaxing with your significant other. This glowing region is known for its idyllic sights.

The leisurely atmosphere and expertly cultivated wines create the perfect setting for enchantment. Stroll through charming cities like Strasbourg and Colmar and sip on wine in picturesque villages like Riquewihr and Eguisheim. 

And that’s not even mentioning the gorgeous landscapes of rolling hills, massive vineyards, and the Vosges Mountains.

Explore art and history museums and pretend to be royalty among the ruins of faded—and restored—French castles. The architecture of Alsace’s cathedrals and convents was made to be marveled at, and the open air of its parks, lakes, and mountains is perfect for relaxing in peace.

This northeast region’s cozy and intimate surroundings are perfect for spending quality time with your significant other.

Best Time of Year to Visit

Any time is a great time to visit the Alsace region. Blessed with splendid weather and manageable crowds for a good portion of the year, you can’t go wrong with your choice of season.

April to June: Fair weather, blooming season, and richly green vineyards

July and August: Warmer weather and more tourists but a perfect time to experience the Alsace wine route

October and November: The harvest season and related festivals

Type of Vacay

Sightseeing: Traveling along Alsace’s wine route is best for couples interested in a relatively relaxed vacation. Enjoy cozy French towns, beautiful architecture, and of course, decadent wines.

4. New York City, New York

The City That Never Sleeps presents the perfect escape for long weekend getaways. 

Here, couples can make the most of their days and nights sightseeing, exploring, and dining on some of the most varied cuisines to be found all in one place!

New York City has always been the epicenter of culture, tourism, and—you guessed it—classic romance. 

From cuddling in carriage rides through Central Park to sitting close while you listen to sultry Jazz music and strolling through the butterfly exhibit at the Bronx Zoo with Painted Lady Butterflies fluttering overhead, there are endless opportunities to spark romance.

After dark, visit Times Square to see it lit up in all its glory, with lights shining and screens flickering, and watch the street artists work their magic, rendering the New York City skyline from spray paints. 

For dinner, the options are never-ending. 

A booming food scene means everything is on the menu, from sandwiches at the local bodega to Michelin Star-rated restaurants and even dinner with a view at the Empire State Building. After roaming all over New York’s boroughs, it’ll be something else to see it all from eighty-six floors up. 

One of the things we love most about New York is that it’s one of those places you can visit any time throughout the year for a romantic getaway with your partner.

Best Time of Year to Visit

The best times to visit New York for optimal weather and reasonable prices are spring (March to May) and early fall (September to early November). 

However, the higher price tag during the holidays may be worth it to enjoy the Big Apple in its dashing winter snow coat, which looks especially spectacular in Central Park!

Type of Vacay

Sightseeing: A romantic getaway to NYC is best for couples who will enjoy exploring a plethora of must-see attractions, all of which make New York one of the most visited cities in the world.

5. Bali, Indonesia

Few places mix romance, culture, relaxation, and adventure, but if there’s one place to do so effortlessly, it would be Bali. 

Spanning everything from resort towns and meditation retreats to volcanic mountains and vibrant coral reefs, this island in the Java Sea seems to have it all. Of course, this diverse offering may be why it captures the hearts of countless travelers—and couples—every year.

For a fun day in Bali, couples can travel around places like the sea temple in Uluwatu or snap a pic soaring through the air at a Bali swing. Interact with wild monkeys at the Ubud or Sangeh Monkey Forests and enjoy intimate swims at the foot of gorgeous falls like Nungnung Waterfall and Banyumala Twin Waterfalls.

Take an unhurried stroll around the impressive rice terraces or visit one of the arts and crafts markets. Sign up for a cooking class to learn how to cook Balinese dishes or treat your significant other—and yourself—to a spa day.

Amidst all the fun excursions, natural wonders, and stunning temples, it’s genuinely the people at the heart of this Island of the Gods that make it one of the best places to visit. The overwhelming warmth and sincerity found in the Balinese people will stay with you long after your visit. It’ll also inspire future return trips for romantic getaways, family vacations, and more.

Best Time of Year to Visit

The best time to visit Bali is during the island’s dry season, between April and October. However, avoid the months of July and August to escape peak season crowds and prices.  

Type of Vacay

Sightseeing, Relaxing, and Adventure: A visit to Bali is best for a variety of couples—whether you crave outdoor adventures or relaxing beach vacations—and romantic getaways to this island will remain in your mind long after you leave its shores!

6. San Francisco, California

Another great pick for long weekend getaways is located on the opposite coast from New York. San Francisco is one of the most fun places for couples to travel in the US! After all, if it features in love songs, that automatically qualifies a city for romantic getaway potential, right?

Not to mention the countless romantic movies set here. While it’s true that Hollywood can put a rosy tint on anything, this is undeniably one thing they’ve gotten right.

Visit all the iconic sights in San Francisco, like the Painted Ladies Victorian houses, Pier 39’s two-story carousel, and the Golden Gate Bridge. The latter is extra romantic to take in at night when you can catch the light show on the bridge. Also, check out the historic area at Embarcadero and, arguably, the most famous historic district in San Francisco, Alcatraz Island

For a break from the hubbub of the city, couples can take a boat out on Stow Lake and get nice and cozy on the water. The green oasis of Golden Gate Park offers easy trails and the ever-romantic Shakespeare Garden, bursting with flowers.

San Francisco’s constantly growing food scene surpasses the cuisine in any other city—yes, even The Big Apple. The tasty mix of world-class restaurants and street food will likely be one of your favorite parts of this trip. 

And for an extra special treat, try making your way up to Napa Valley. 

Perfect for a long weekend getaway or extended vacation, you’ll get a two-for-one on romantic trips! Treat yourself to a tour of the California countryside and vineyards and the delicious wines that make the region famous. You can also explore the valley and take in the stunning landscapes from above on a hot air balloon ride! 

Best Time of Year to Visit

For San Francisco, the best time to visit will be in spring (April to June) and fall (September to November).

Type of Vacay

Sightseeing: Best for couples looking to travel to places on the west coast and have a fun, romantic escape while exploring fantastic tourist attractions, great dining options, and beautiful state parks. 

7. Santorini, Greece

Santorini has been a honeymoon destination for years. 

Looking out over the gleaming white and blue-domed buildings to the Aegean Sea beyond will help you understand why. Santorini sits like a crescent-shaped pearl in the sea, beckoning travelers to its shores. 

One of the most delightful and romantic things to do on the island is to watch the sunset. The most popular spots for this are Oia—where you can see the sun wash over those distinct blue domes—and Imerovigli. Or you can head out on a sunset cruise and fully take in the sight of Santorini bathed in the warm, golden glow of dusk.

For some of the most romantic spots on the island, couples can visit the Heart of Santorini near the village of Megalochori. Far from being located at the center of Santorini, this magical spot is a heart-shaped hole in a stone frame near the island’s west coast. 

Or head off to Eros beach, named after the Greek god of love and passion. This beach offers an intimate setting against an awe-inspiring backdrop of dramatic, white cliffs sculpted only by the wind. 

A romantic getaway to Greece wouldn’t be complete without a caldera cruise inspecting the volcanic depression and taking advantage of the outdoor spa—hot springs and mud baths created by volcanic activity. Or, as we like to call them, pure bliss.

Best Time of Year to Visit

Plan your visit for the shoulder season (April to May or September to October) for a more relaxed experience and to avoid the crowds. 

For the best weather, swimming and laying out on the beaches, visit anytime from July to September, though be aware August is Santorini’s busiest month.

Type of Vacay

Sightseeing: The laid-back atmosphere of Santorini makes it one of the best romantic getaways for taking in the sights and spending intimate time with your partner.

8. Tulum, Mexico

If you’re looking for a trip filled with white sandy beaches and gorgeous waters, you’re in luck. A quick flight south, and you’re in Tulum for a romantic beach getaway.

Located not too far from its sibling city of Cancun, Tulum also sits along the Caribbean coast and offers a lot of the same great perks: romantic hotels, luxury resort experiences, and beautiful beaches. 

But where Tulum knocks the decision out of the park for romantic getaways is the serene, low-key atmosphere and larger, less crowded beaches, allowing for more private moments with your partner. After all, it’s hard to be romantic with someone playing beach volleyball by your feet.

When you’re not cuddling your significant other or taking a walk along the beach, you can visit ancient Mayan ruins at the top of a cliff with views over the sea. Or take a scenic bike ride along beachfront roads and travel to the town center to experience authentic Mexican food, art, and culture. 

For a little more excitement, couples can venture out to any of the cenotes sprinkled around Tulum, from the popular Dos Ojos, so-called because it’s a cenote comprised of two sinkholes connected by a passageway, to the more secluded Xel-Há surrounded by a park and more Mayan ruins.

For a truly romantic trip, you can book a private tour of Dos Ojos to enjoy the pristine waters and an intimate lunch with your partner. 

And to cap it all off, how about a stay in a boutique hotel? Ikal Tulum Hotel offers jungle suits with a view of the stars and suites with private plunge pools. Talk about nights in paradise!

Best Time of Year to Visit

Plan your trip to Tulum in the winter (December to February) for the best weather.

To avoid the crowds and score the best prices, visit Tulum in late winter to early spring (February to April) while avoiding Easter and Spring Break.

Type of Vacay

Sightseeing and Relaxing: From the ruins of Mayan culture to the wilds of dense forests and the town of Tulum, there’s plenty to do and see in-between relaxing bouts on the beach and lazy mornings sleeping in bed.

9. Cappadocia, Turkey

This region in Turkey screams romantic vibes. 

With a landscape straight out of fantasy and names like Lover’s Hill and Lover’s Valley, is it any wonder this place in the heart of Turkey is seen as a prime destination for a romantic trip?

A land of strange and unique terrain, much of this region’s natural wonders and its man-made ones were formed from rock. 

And while you can get up close and personal with these marvels, the best way to view it all is undoubtedly by booking a hot air balloon ride. 

Cappadocia is probably the most famous place in the world to take a hot air balloon ride. Few things exist that are more romantic than catching the sun rising—or setting—over the magical landscape of valleys, grassy plains, and jutting rock structures.

Once you’ve finished your romantic getaway to the clouds and touched back down on earth, you can explore Cappadocia on foot. 

From pink sandstone formations in Rose Valley to the fairy chimneys and cave dwellings of Pasabag Valley, these spots will take your breath away. That’s breath you’ll likely need as you giggle through the penis-shaped formations that earned Love Valley its name.

When you and your partner are done trekking through river gorges, swimming in waterfalls in Ihlara Valley, and exploring sights like Uchisar Castle and the open-air museums of Gerome and Zelve, you can end a long day with a gorgeous view of the sunset from Lover’s Hill. A perfect spot to take photos of all the hot air balloons dotting the sky.

Best Time of Year to Visit

To avoid the crowds, the best time to plan your trip to Cappadocia is spring (April to early June) and fall (September to October).

Keep in mind weather conditions affect the hot air balloon operations, so if this is the main reason for your trip, plan to go during the summer months when interruptions are rare and rides are plentiful.

Type of Vacay

Sightseeing and Adventure: A fun mix of fantastic attractions and experiences makes Cappadocia the perfect place for adventurous couples and outdoor enthusiasts to travel.

10. Big Sur, California

Road trips aren’t exactly synonymous with romantic getaway settings. But, pair them with fun places for couples to travel, like California’s Central Coast and its gorgeous views, and suddenly we’re starting to see the appeal.

Big Sur isn’t the world’s longest road trip, but it’s littered with scenic spots up and down the California coast. You shouldn’t blow through this road trip in a couple of hours. Big Sur is best experienced by getting out and exploring!

Highway 1, the main road on your coastal adventure, is dotted with state parks, beaches, and bridges. Bixby Creek Bridge is one of the most photographed bridges in California. You can’t pass here without snapping a couple’s pic with the bridge in the background!

Of course, there are plenty of other notable stops along the way. The redwood giants in the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park are always a draw. As are the hiking trails, the Pfeiffer Falls, and the views of the Santa Lucia Mountains. You’ll soon discover why its nickname is “mini Yosemite.”

For some epically romantic places, be sure to stop by Garrapata State Park and make your way to the Calla Lily Valley to walk among the flowers. Or further south, head down to Pfeiffer Beach, where you’ll find something incredibly unusual—a pink beach. They’re so rare that you’ll find less than a handful of these worldwide. So, couples can enjoy the novel experience of digging their toes into the purplish-pink sand as the waves crash in. 

If you plan your visit for the right time, you might capture the ethereal sight of sunset through the famous Keyhole Arch. Just before it sinks below the horizon, the sun sets the stone and keyhole aglow.

Best Time of Year to Visit

Travel to Big Sur in the fall (September to November) to avoid the crowds. You’ll also score fairly pleasant weather at this time of year.

Pro-tip: Always bring a warm change of clothes as the weather varies from the mountains to the coast.

Type of Vacay

Sightseeing and Adventure: The abundance of remarkable views, hiking trails, and fun activities make this romantic getaway perfect for outdoor enthusiasts looking to be surrounded by natural beauty.

11. Charleston, South Carolina

If you’re looking for a city with a slight twang of southern charm and a quieter romantic weekend getaway than New York, look no further than the friendly city of Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is quickly becoming one of the best vacation spots for couples. So, prepare to be swept away the moment you set foot on the cobblestone streets. 

As one of the oldest cities in the US, it’s no surprise that Charleston’s historic district offers up some incredible sights. Visitors can tour the 13 pastel-colored houses that make up Rainbow Row and the Charleston City Market—bursting with homemade goods and the perfect place to nab a souvenir for your trip. You can also watch as sweetgrass baskets are braided right before your eyes! 

Once you’ve wandered through the City Market, make your way to some of Charleston’s beautiful historic mansions. Nathaniel Russell House possesses an intricate spiraling staircase, while Middleton Place boasts gorgeous landscaped gardens.

You also can’t explore Charleston without checking out some exciting artwork on display at Charleston’s art galleries. 

The Charleston Gallery Association makes it easy by putting on events and art walks to connect visitors with the local art community! 

For more romantic places, catch a view of the sunset from the Pineapple Fountain. Additionally, you can’t visit Charleston without grabbing a couple’s photo underneath the Angel Oak Tree, one of the most famous oak trees in the US.

Finally, the perfect way for couples to cap off days of fun travel and exploration will be sipping on expert cocktails in places like Charleston’s French Quarter and chowing down on fresh seafood at a raw bar.

Best Time of Year to Visit

The best time to visit Charleston, South Carolina, for great weather is during spring (March to May) or the fall (September to November).

To avoid the worst price hikes, avoid traveling during Easter and Spring Break. 

Type of Vacay

Sightseeing: Charleston is a charming city, with history seemingly inside every cobblestone walk. Couples will delight in exploring all its whimsy. 

12. Kyoto, Japan

If you’re looking for a place to experience one of the best couples vacations of your life, then Kyoto is the perfect destination for your next romantic getaway. 

More laid-back than its sister city of Tokyo, Kyoto shines as a tranquil and traditional destination, perfect for couples looking to spend some quality time together. 

Of course, two of the city’s most scenic and romantic spots have to be the Philosopher’s Path and Maruyama Park. 

The first is a stone path along the Lake Biwa Canal lined by cherry blossom trees and is a favorite among couples to walk together. Meanwhile, Maruyama Park is an excellent place for viewing cherry blossoms when in bloom. There’s even a weeping cherry tree which they light up at night!  

The park is also located in Gion, Kyoto’s geisha district. So if you want to rent a traditional kimono to wear as you explore the scenery and history, this is the place to do it! 

Stroll along the Shirakawa River and grab dinner at a delicious gourmet restaurant. Some like Yuzuya Hotel Isshinkyo and Gion Hanasaki also offer geiko and maiko performances.

For a magical experience, check out the cultural show held on Gion Corner, which includes dances by real maiko.

From cruising along the Okazaki Canal on a boat tour to leisurely biking between the city’s shrines, every moment you spend in Kyoto is bound to be unforgettable.

Best Time of Year to Visit

The best times to visit Kyoto are in the spring (March to May) and in the fall (September to November). These coincide with Kyoto’s peak season as the cherry blossoms in spring and fall foliage in autumn draw larger crowds.

Type of Vacay

Sightseeing: A trip to Kyoto is best for couples looking to travel to genuinely unique places and have fun with the beauty of Japanese traditions and culture.

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