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When is the Best Time to Visit Mauritius?

A magnet for honeymooners, a refuge for nature lovers, and one of the top destinations in the world for diving enthusiasts. Mauritius is a magical escape for anyone who loves sun, sea, and luxury. It’s also one of the best year-round travel destinations, with spectacular weather, festivals, and attractions for any season.

For tips on the best time to visit Mauritius, read on for a handy guide to the country’s climate, annual events, public holidays, and much more.

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The Weather in Mauritius

Mauritius has two main seasons: the summer, which is warm and humid, and winter, which is cooler and drier. Nevertheless, sea temperatures remain balmy and comfortable all year round, usually reaching 81°F in the summer.

Summer (November to April)

Average temperatures are 81°F or more along the coast and 72°F in the central regions. You’ll get long daylight hours, with sunrise from 5:30 AM and sunset around 7 PM. Prepare for hot and humid weather, especially from December to February, as these as the hottest months. In addition to the heat, the central plateau receives lots of rain, with the highest rainfall in February and March. Although this is cyclone season, cyclones are rare and only hit about once every five years.

That said, localized thunderstorms tend to happen in the afternoon, which could prove the perfect time to use your resort’s indoor spa facilities.

Winter (May to October)

The mild winter months are perfect for beaches, hiking, and sightseeing in Mauritius. The average daytime temperatures are 72°F by the coast and 66°F inland. While July is the coldest month of the year, you can still expect it to reach a pleasant 70°F. June and August also boast ideal sea conditions for surfing.

Break up your beach time with some cultural events and festivals in this multilingual, multicultural nation. Here are the most popular festivals to add to your calendar.

Holi Festival (February/March)

Also known as the Festival of Colors, Holi celebrates the start of spring all over the world. Although Mauritius has no distinct spring season, the festivities are just as important. This Hindu celebration invites everyone to take part, no matter their religion. One of the best places to witness the colorful display is Port Louis.

Chinatown Food Festival (April)

Indulge in delectable street food and Chinese delicacies at this two-day festival dedicated to celebrating the Mauritian-Chinese community. Head to Port Louis to experience the bustling crowds as merchants and restaurateurs sell their goods. While you’re there, don’t miss the traditional lion dance.

Mauritius Wellness Festival (May)

The Mauritius Wellness Festival is the biggest in the Indian Ocean. This three-day event, led by Heritage Resorts in the Domaine de Bel Ombre area, offers a range of wellness experiences and workshops designed to help visitors reconnect with nature. A three-day pass starts at 22,538 rupees ($290 USD).

Diwali (October/November)

With its significant Indian and Hindu population, Mauritius is among the best places to participate in Diwali celebrations. The island is lit up with candles and lamps to mark the Festival of Lights.

Kreol International Festival (November/December)

Learn more about the island’s Creole culture with an entire week of celebrations and arts. Across the capital are concerts, slam poetry sessions, theater shows, art exhibitions, and plenty of Creole food to enjoy.

The Best Tourist Attractions in Mauritius (And When to Visit Them)

This East African island has everything from beautiful beaches to breathtaking nature. Make sure you consider the best time to visit Mauritius for these incredible tourist attractions. 

Le Morne

Beaches don’t get any better than the ones at Le Morne Peninsula. Located on the scenic south coast, Le Morne is perfect for honeymooning couples. It’s also a fantastic spot for kitesurfing and snorkeling.

Next Vacay Travel Tip: The best time to visit Mauritius for honeymooners is from October to December, when it’s nice and hot.

Ile Aux Cerfs

Another honeymoon paradise, the island of Ile Aux Cerfs, off Trou d’Eau Douce, offers 87 hectares of stunning scenery and preserved white sand beaches. It’s also home to the best golf course in Mauritius.

Next Vacay Travel Tip: Travel from September to November for the driest weather for golfing.

La Vallee Des Couleurs Nature Park

Explore this scenic park hiking through the Seven Colored Earth Geopark or taking the skywalk over the ravine on the Longest Nepalese Bridge. Alternatively, challenge yourself to the almost mile-long zipline, which happens to be one of the longest in the world. Park admission is 751 rupees ($10 USD).

Next Vacay Travel Tip: The most comfortable hiking weather is in the cooler and drier winter season.

Tamarind Falls

Located in the southwest of Mauritius, the Tamarind Falls is a short and easy hike for all levels. It takes half a day to discover the seven waterfalls, and guided tours are available for as low as $42 USD.

Next Vacay Travel Tip: This is a great year-round attraction, but avoid the hottest months (December to February) if you struggle with hot, humid weather.

Black River District

This beautiful area of coastline runs from Pailles (near Port Louis) to Baie du Cap in the south, and it’s one of the best destinations for scuba diving, snorkeling, and dolphin encounters.

Next Vacay Travel Tip: Due to the trade winds, the best conditions for diving are usually between November and May.

Mauritian Public Holidays and Occasions

Although Christmas is primarily a Christian celebration, it is considered an important national holiday in Mauritius. It brings families together, and the festive period is marked with Christmas carols and decorations. However, keep in mind that businesses may close or have reduced hours for Christmas and New Year.

Other public holidays that could impact shops, services, and public transport are Thaipusam, Commemoration of the Abolition of Slavery, Lunar New Year, Maha Shivratri, Mauritian National Day, Labor Day, Eid al-Fitr, Diwali, and All Saints’ Day. 

Whether you plan to travel for the holidays or avoid the crowds, sign up for the Next Vacay newsletter to find the best flight deals to Mauritius all year round.

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