Hi, I’m Naveen Dittakavi.

My wife Shaylee and I are founders of next vacay. I’m an entrepreneur, travel junkie, and I’ve been solving problems with software since I was a kid. My wife and I love good deals but have demanding jobs, so we invented a system to hunt through all those travel sites to find the best destinations to explore next.

A Life of Regular Travel is Easier and Cheaper than You Think

Remember the last time you were planning your vacation?

  • You came up with a bunch of options. Maybe it was Paris, a city you’ve dreamed of visiting. Or Turks and Caicos, after seeing the beautiful pictures your friends posted on Instagram.

  • You spent hours online, checking prices on Google Flights, Kayak, Orbitz, and 5 other travel websites, hoping to find the right combination of dates that fits your budget and schedule.

  • You knew the ticket was going to cost a lot, but you were still surprised at how much they wanted you to shell out.

  • Discouraged and exhausted, you either compromised by booking a flight for a place you weren’t that excited about or paid more than you wanted to... or even worse, you gave up on the trip entirely.

You probably felt that people who get to travel to exotic places all the time are just really lucky or really rich.

Then, you’ve come to the right place.

Last year I created a system that automatically searches countless airfare sites so that we can find the best deals without wasting our time.

We’ve been testing this system for over 6 months and the results have been amazing. Last year we flew to India for $300 each and booked a ticket to Barcelona for $600 each. When I tell my friends and family about these prices and the places we’re visiting, their jaws drop!

A few months ago a select few of my friends were invited in to get personalized deals right to their inbox with multiple amazing destinations to choose from at bargain prices.

My friends are LOVING their early access to next vacay and now we’re thrilled to announce that we’re ready to share next vacay with not only our friends but everyone!

Let me show you how next vacay will work for you.

What airport is near you?

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